Monday, March 6, 2017

3/6/17 - Soaking up the moments

Hello everyone!! Hope everyone had an awesome week.....we did!! Because we had a BAPTISM!

Jose was able to be baptized on Saturday and it was amazing. Around 60 people were there to support was incredible. Of course the branch hermana made a huge tostada dinner after for everyone and it was just such a good turn out. The program went super smooth and Jose was just beaming the whole time! It was so great. There is no other feeling as a missionary than to see the person who you have grown to love take that first step out of the water as a new person. Sure will miss these experiences.

Irma and Clarissa are doing okay. They haven't been reading or coming to church so we had a lesson on faith and how faith and our beliefs require action. They realized that they hadn't been showing their faith and that they need to start reading the Book of Mormon on their own. They are going through a divorce now of the dad so it has taken a huge toll on their family. But our members are really worried about them and are so ready to help. Prayers for them!!

We haven't really been able to see a lot of our investigators this week because it has been crazy with helping members move and the baptism, but hopefully we can see them all next week!

We went to Catholic Charities (service center) this week and we were famous!! Haha. they did a "missionary manicures" activity where we all painted nails for them. It was so fun!! Some old ladies said I was a professional and one Hispanic lady told me I didn't know what I was doing and that I wouldn't get paid if I did this for a job....hahaha. I love people! Also they had a little party that day and Hna. Regalado was there and she was dancing her head off!! It was hilarious. I sure do love that lady.

I have just been trying to take advantage of all of these moments I am having with the people I love. Yesterday I talked in church and bawled through the whole thing because I was looking at my Texas family that I have grown so close to. I cried with Hna. Solis outside for a good while because I can't go home!! I'm going to have such a hard time this week. So prayers for me please!!

Sorry I didn't respond to everyone that emailed me today because it has been crazy, but I will talk to you all next week for sure! Love you all!!

Hermana Garner

we got this water bottle and Hna. Regalado said it looked like her....I laughed SO HARD.
my momma.(Hna Solis)
remember the black lady that gave a talk the first Sunday that Jose went to church and changed his life? she came to his baptism and Jose was so happy to see her! she was so cute! she was like "I feel like I just got baptized! I'm so happy!" she came with her husband who is praying to know if he should get baptized!

Jose’s baptism!!!

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