Friday, March 13, 2015


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Well, I go to BYU-Idaho and I love it. I love everything about it, my roommates, the campus, my cute little apartment, the weather, the Spirit, the people, the teachers-everything. I’m so grateful I got to experience my first year at college at this wonderful university! It has such a great atmosphere and every class is so uplifting. There is sooooo much to do here, even in this little town. College is seriously just the best. It really puts you to the test and helps you grow so much. I am a new person! I have new skills! I have realized that I need to work on some things! The thing I love most about this school is that everyone has the same standards. Everyone knows the gospel is true. Everyone wants to be better. I love it so much! I have gone on some adventures but hope to go on more while I'm here in this beautiful state of Idaho!

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