Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Letter from Mexico!

Hi everyone!

Below you will find Megan’s first letter. She sounds happy and excited! We are thankful for that. Thanks for all your love and support for her and our family.

She uses some terms that might be unfamiliar. Here’s what they mean:
P-day. Her Preparation day which is the day she can read and write emails, do laundry, run errands, go shopping and plan out her week. That will be the day we’ll be getting her group email and sending it out. If you’re writing to her, that will be the day she’ll be able to read it!
Discussion: A religious lesson
MTC: Missionary Training Center. She will be here for 6 weeks learning the Spanish language, Mexican culture and traditions and how to teach people about Jesus Christ.
Companion: Each missionary is assigned a companion that you are with 24/7 and you teach and serve together. She will have many different companions on her mission.
Mission: Megan is in the Mexico City Southeast mission. There are 7 different missions in Mexico City alone and 34 in all of Mexico. Her companion will be going to the Mexico City Southeast mission with her. There will be missionaries in the MTC going to missions all over Mexico and central America as well as to U.S. missions that are Spanish-speaking. There are about 1500 missionaries at one time in the MTC so she will have lots of company there!
Nametag: Each missionary has a nametag. Megan’s says Hermana (Sister) Garner. It’s exciting when they get them for the first time!

She would love to hear from you. Her email address is Thanks for being a part of this adventure with us! ~ Hermana Garner's mom

HELLO!!! Im alive and well!!! I love it here already. My flight from St Louis to Salt Lake was fine. I was a little worried when I was trying to find my terminal to go to Mexico City...I didnt know where the international terminal was. BUT I TURNED THE CORNER AND THERE WERE 4 ROWS OF MISSIONARIES ALL GOING TO MEXICO CITY ON MY PLANE. it was seriously the most comforting sight. i walked up and was like ´ guessing im in the right place!¨ it was great. I sat next to a sister on the plane who is from Jamaica which was super cool. probably the most beautiful human being I ever did see. we taught a discussion on the plane!!!! we were sitting next to this guy who wanted to know who we all were! crazy! mexico is so nice. actually its so dirty but the weather is beautiful. when we were driving to the MTC i thought i was gonna die in the bus. they dont drive like they do in America. they dont use blinkers, they dont signal whatsoever and they have THE BIGGEST SPEEDBUMPS so everyone is just honking and yelling at each other. i saw a guy get out of his car, push his car a little bit so it would go, and then get back in. the MTC is right smack in the middle of mexico city. literally IN THE CENTER. it feels like temple square though. so quiet and peaceful.

my p-day is tuesday!!!!!!! i will email more and send you pictures on tuesday! my companion is sister crichton and she is in my mission! i love her and she is so sweet. we are very similar! 

the food is interesting.

thanks for the emails!

Hermana Garner


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  1. OMG!!! "they don't use blinker" some how i foundyou reaction to mexico city so funny