Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Starting Week #3 at the MTC!

Hello everyone! 

Can you believe that tomorrow I am halfway done with the MTC! It is sooo crazy! It has flown by and at the same time has been so slow. I have learned more than I could ever imagine here though! 

We went to the Mexico City temple today! We didn’t get to go in because it is under construction, but we went to the visitor’s center! It was so neat. It reminded me a lot of the Independence Missouri Visitor Center (if anyone has been there). Very powerful things that I learned!! The temple is literally right in the middle of the city. The sisters in the visitor center made me sooo excited to help with the open house when the temple opens!! They are the sweetest. They were from Chile I think and they were working on their English. It is very motivating to learn that we aren’t the only missionaries trying to learn another language!

For anyone that knows Spanish, por y para has been the struggle this week. Learning that grammar point makes me want to throw up. It is so hard.

So this week we found out that all of the hermanas in our district can sing! We sing three part harmony hymns every day and it brings the Spirit so strong. We are going to do a musical number for one of the devotionals here! So excited!

For gym time we play sand volleyball. It is super fun and sooo nice to get out and move.

This week 70+ missionaries came in the MTC! Crazy how much the work is moving forward!

Hermana W and I found out that both of our grandparents have cabins in Island Park in Idaho! We also figured out that we go four-wheeling in the same place! (That huge dust bowl and by the train tracks)! We were freaking out when we found out. We decided that we are going to have our mission reunion there ;)

I love Hermana J! She is sooooo great! 

I have no blisters on my feet! It is a miracle! I thought I would because before I left when I was breaking them in, my shoes were so hard on my feet but Heavenly Father knows I have to wear them every day! Haha. 

I have been a little bit sick from the food. It just took my body a while to get used to it. But I’m ok now!

On P-day: the last 2 p-days we have gone on field trips so that has been fun! It is soooo cool to see the city. I will send you more pictures from today’s trip. But usually on p-days we play a ton of sports, clean, nap, take pictures, study, laundry, go to the store and buy ice cream with our district. It is so fun! We really look forward to the break!

I don’t think I’m going anywhere else until the field! Crazy!

Funny story from today: we were on our way home from the temple and we were sitting by a bunch of natives and we were talking and stuff and then I said ´listen!´ and then I said a super-fast Spanish tongue twister to them and all of them were like OOOOOOOHHHHHHH DAAANNGGG HERMANAAAAA. Hahaha. It was pretty funny and then they all thought I was native (I get that a lot) and started talking muy rapido (really fast) in Spanish and I was like “wait....I don’t speak Spanish very well!” Hahaha. 

The Spanish is definitely coming along! I can pretty much say everything that I want to in a lesson, prayer and my testimony. My companion and I have been great together and we have invited all of our investigators to baptism and most have them have committed! It is such a great feeling!

I know this is where I´m supposed to be and the Lord needs me to be a missionary right now. Yes, it can get very discouraging here, but the Lord makes it work and helps me to be happy when I am down. I know He is there for EVERYONE in the world. Reach out to Him if you need help or comfort and I know He will help you.

I love you all. Thank you for writing me!

Hermana Garner

 Megan's MTC district heading to the temple visitor's center.

Right in the middle of Mexico city streets they have outside public gyms for free! There are always soooo many people on them and it makes me sooo happy! But it is pretty funny looking.

 Meg and her companion at the entrance to the MTC (Spanish = CCM).

 All the sisters going to her mission at the Mexico City temple.

On the bus going to the temple visitor's center. All the sisters in her MTC district.

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