Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week 11: "Livin' good in the mexican hood"

(Megan has had some stomach problems the last few weeks - not uncommon with American missionaries serving in Mexico but frustrating and hard at times for her since she has not felt great and SO wants to be working hard. So, please pray for her and send good thoughts her way!)

Hello friends and family!

This week was so great! 

Perfect lighting one night at the temple!
The biggest thing that is happening right now is the temple open house! It is so amazing to have the opportunity to work in the temple. So let me just describe what we do. The people who are taking the tour come into our room first. we explain a little about temples and show a video and say things like "remember, dont take pictures! turn off your cell phones!" and then they go through the temple. after that, they go into a reception tent where they can ask missionaries questions or just visit with us. there are comment cards that the nonmembers can fill out and give to us for the church. after the reception tent they leave! so missionaries are in the rooms with the videos and they are in the reception tent. it is so fun! in the video rooms, a lot of people come up to me after and say "you are from the united states, arent you?" and I respond something like " could you tell?" hahaha. im still in the process of working on my accent :) The reception tent is a little harder to do because some people are really hard to understand and some people have really hard questions that sometimes I dont even know the answer in English! But it is the coolest thing. To see people come in with tears in their eyes. To see families come in holding hands. To see people in wheelchairs come in with their eyes glowing. To see other missionaries with their investigators. Hearing the experiences of everyone is so special! Today, a lady came up to me and said that she has been looking into the church for about 14 years and today she said "I want to get baptized after going through there. I dont even want to take the missionary discussions! I just want to get baptized right now! Someone get me a font!" hahahaha it was super funny but super cool how someone could feel the Spirit that strong. The church is true, folks!  

Victor. I kind of mentioned him last week, but we had a 3 hour long lesson with him this week! it was so great. he has looked into a lot of different religions, he has almost every book of every religion and has studied every word, he is just a very curious person that wants to know what the truth is. so each lesson he has a lot of questions. a lot. this week, we finished at the temple and went over to his house. we had a lesson in mind, but we never even got to it. does that explain how it went? the whole time we were just answering his questions. but it was so much more than that! every question he had, we always had a scripture in mind and we shared with him and he understood. we could tell that it made sense to him and he accepted that truth. He said he loves reading the Book of Mormon and he loves going to church. So cool! Also, our other progressing investigator, Luis is doing so well. Hermana Tirado and I were talking about how much he has changed. He is just so much more happy now. He has friends at church and he just looks so good. His baptism is this weekend! I couldnt be more excited!

All the Hermanas in my mission preparing to serve at the temple.
Something funny here is that there are so many words in English that they use here! Por ejemplo: sandwiches, bye, baby shower, lunch, etc. I remember our first sunday here and we were in Relief Society and they were saying the announcements and I just hear "blah blah blah baby shower blah blah" hahahah so funny. also whenever we are leaving someone I always find myself saying "adios!" while the people here are saying "bye!" to me. pretty funny. opposite languages. 

spanish is definitely coming along! the only way I can see my progress is when I realize I can understand more by listening than my first week here. My first week I could barely understand anything anyone would say but now it is so much better! Being fluent still seems like a dream though. it seems so far down the road!

I have a testimony of this gospel with all of my heart! I'm going to bear my testimony in Spanish because I do it everyday but never in my emails!

Some of us working at the temple! I love speaking Spanish with the natives!
Yo se que Jesucristo vive. Yo se que Dios vive. Yo se que Dios quiere escucharnos y ayudarnos. Durante mi mision, yo he visto muchos bendiciones en mi vida y en las vidas de mis investigadores. Que padre! Yo se que la gente aqui en la ciudad de Mexico necesita el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Me encanta la gente de mexico y la cultura. Yo quiero compartir mi testimonio a todas las personas aqui. Yo se que familias pueden ser juntos para siempre. Me encanta mi familia! Yo se que podemos hacer todas las cosas si oramos para ayuda. Hay tiempos dificiles en la mision, pero yo se que esos tiempos son para me ayuda y progresar. Estoy muy agradecida por servir una mision y ser una misionara. Estoy muy agradecida por las experiencias tengo cada dia. Yo se que Jesucristo esta conmigo todos los dias. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. (definitely not perfect and half my grammar and spelling is probably wrong but I try!)
(Translation: I know that Jesus Christ lives.  I know that God lives.  I know that God listens to us and helps us.  During my mission, he has blessed my life lot and also the lives of my investigators.  Oh Father! (What a Father!?)  I know that the people here in Mexico City need the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love the people of Mexico and the culture.  I want to share my testimony to all people here.  I know that families can be together forever.  I love my family!  I know that we can do anything if we pray and ask for help.  I have had challenges on my mission, but I know those challenges are to help me and progress.  I am very thankful to serve a mission and be a missionary.  I am very thankful for my experiences I have each day.  I know that Jesus Christ is with me every day.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.)

Thank you for everything! Love you all!
Hermana Garner

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