Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 12: Happpppy!

Here is Megan’s letter for the week. She is doing much better and we are grateful for that. She still does have some stomach issues but they have diminished and aren’t really preventing her from doing what she loves to do. Thank you for all the love and prayers for her – keep them coming!
Hola friends and family!
So many great things happened this week. it makes me so happy to be here on the mission!
My life right now is the temple and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. it is such a blessing and such a privilege to be there every day feeling the Spirit so strong. it is so cool to have people come up to you and say, "I felt like I should come up and talk to you" and we go on and they have questions and I can answer them. it is so cool to see the work moving along! on Friday, there were 10,000 people. crazy how many lives are being touched by the temple here in Mexico City. It is funny sometimes. when Americans come in, all of the American sisters like attack them and speak English with them. it is pretty funny to watch. but other than speaking English sometimes, this is helping my Spanish sooooo much. just talking with people and having a normal conversation with them like 34 times a day. some days i feel completely fluent and other days i feel like I can’t speak Spanish at all. it is different every day, but I know I just have to be confident and say what I know!
My cute little house! we "live" with a family (members of our church) and it is perfect! its the green one, don't know if that is obvious or not. :)
My street! so cute! i love it!
 Some of you may know that I was pretty sick last week, so I have been really careful of what I eat now. but the other day, we were at Victors (our investigator) house. he lives with his sister but he has his own part of his house. he doesn’t live super clean and he doesn’t have a whole lot. when we get there he says, "i want to cook for you guys!" my stomach dropped. i was so scared. so this is what he does. he takes out an onion and puts it on his one little stove top that he plugged in. so he has all of his food hanging from the ceiling in grocery bags. keep this in mind. so he takes down a green bag and it has meat in it. meat! not in the fridge! me and my companion looked at each other and I almost cried. i was so scared. he put the meat in the pan and cooked it with the onion and he finished his creation. he got tortillas and he was so excited to give these tacos to us. i prayed for so much strength. here in Mexico, if you tell someone you can’t eat or you can’t eat more, it basically means you don’t like their food. it is rude. so i prayed in my heart that my stomach would be FUERTE (strong) during this experience. when he gave us the tacos, i thought to myself, "either these are going to be soooooooo gross or soooooooo good. there is no in between here." i took my first bite and they were the BEST tacos I have ever had in my life, let alone here in Mexico. my companion said the same thing, and she lives on tacos! it was the craziest thing. and the best part was, I didn’t get sick!!!!!! yay!!!! i know you moms that are reading this are probably like, "why would you every do that??" but I did. its over and I’m not sick! that is all we have to remember!! just a funny little story!!

this weekend is the baptism of Victor! we are super excited for this too! it is soooo cool to see how the gospel changes people. both Victor and Luis have both changed. differently, but still have both changed. Luis is just sooo happy. he is a different person than the person we found on the street a month ago. Victor has changed because a ton of his life questions are being answered and he finally knows what his purpose here on earth is. he is also a lot happier! it is sooooo cool. that is why I’m here on a mission! to bring other unto Christ and to see how the gospel can change people.
this is Hermana Buitron! she looks so sad here but she is the happiest and funniest 94 year old I have ever met. I love old people here too!
I couldn’t be more excited for Wednesday this week. Elder Christofferson (an Apostle from Salt Lake City) is coming! Im super nervous too because a group of us (6 people) are singing a little number for the meeting. But I think and have a feeling that it will be very powerful and I will have prayers answered! It will be such a cool experience!
Yesterday was the baptism of Luis! what a beautiful day it was! the best part of my week. it was my first baptism with MY investigator. I have taught him from the very beginning so it was super special for me! and the best part was how Luis was sooooo happy. he was so happy. we asked him frequently, "como se siente?" (how do you feel?) multiple times throughout his program and he always said "muy feliz!" (very happy!) It is so priceless! seriously it is a feeling better than any other feeling. also, his family surprised Luis and came to his baptism and that made him even 13x more happy! sooo cool! the man who baptized him was a man that came with us to a lot of his lessons and became his friend. it was really cool to see them grow closer too throughout this whole experience. I will send a picture with both of them together that I LOVE. 
My favorite picture from this week. Luis is the one that is balding and the other one is his the guy that came with us to all of his lessons! So glad I captured this moment!
My favorite day of my mission so far! (people here don't smile in pictures, no se porque (not sure why!))
Every night I thank my Heavenly Father for the experiences that I have everyday. my mission is already going by sooo fast and I feel like I need to take advantage of every moment that I have here. it is such a blessing! I love it here. I definitely miss my old life, family and friends, but I know this is exactly where I need to be. I know this is in the plan of Heavenly Father, for me to be here in Mexico City at this exact moment in my life. I am learning so many things about myself, the Lord and how to live the gospel. I know for a fact that I will be a completely different person when I get home, because I have a lot to work on! I love being here and talking to people everyday! looooove it!
Thank you for all of your prayers and love! I love hearing from everyone! It is so fun every week. Miss and love you all sooo much!
Hermana Garner
I have fallen in love with these two. they are missionaries in my mission. they don't speak any English except for "you are so beautiful" and "you are so cute!" so they say that to me a lot and it really boosts me up....haha. but we are together a lot at the temple and they have really helped my spanish. i call them "mis hijas" (my kids) cause they really are. the one on the right is from Peru and the other one is from Aguascalientes here in Mexico.

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