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Week 13: The little things

Here is Megan’s letter for the week. I was able to email back and forth with her yesterday. This flu-type bug she and the other missionaries in her apartment have had is a bad one. They have been down for several days. Hopefully this week will be better for them. She continues to have stomach issues as well and as soon as the temple open house is finished (this Sat.), she will go to a stomach doctor there. So please keep her in your prayers. She is loving her mission and doesn’t seem too discouraged by these setbacks. Thanks for your love and support! ~ Megan's mom

All the missionaries serving in Megan's mission - such an impressive sight!
Hello everyone!! I hope you are all doing great!

So this week I was sick again, I had a pretty bad cold. Runny nose, sneezing, cough and all. It wasn't very fun. It started about a week ago and I am still getting over it. Still coughing a lot. Hermana Tirado and Hermana Sic are both starting a cold too...(probably from me because we live together). Dang it! Haha its not fun to be sick and be a missionary. It is extra hard to work and when we are too sick to leave the house, we read our scriptures, the Liahona and sleep. Not much to do. 

Megan with her CCM teacher and the Hermanas from her CCM district.
Because we were sick, not a lot happened this week. I had to stay home a lot with Hermana Tirado because she was super sick for about 3 days. But one day I just couldn't stay in our little apartment so we had divisiones (i honestly dont know if that is english or spanish...spanish has messed with me so much) and I worked with Hermana Sic while Hermana Crichton stayed home with Hermana Tirado. That day, both Hermana Sic and I had our different appointments and we are in different areas so let me tell you. We worked soooo hard and we were sooo tired when we got home that night. But first we went to visit Hermana Buittron, the 94-year-old lady that keeps toilet paper under her bumbum. A lot of people in my area know Hermana Sic because she was there before I got here so a lot of people were excited to see her again. After that, we went to someone in Sics area. She is probably 45 but verrrry sick and has a really hard time with that mentally. We taught her about forgiveness and I shared a story! IN SPANISH! we cannot forget that everything I say here is in Spanish. But I shared it and the lady understood everything I said and even made her a little emotional. After that lesson, Sic said to me, "I LOVE how you teach. You are so simple, yet SO powerful!" It made me feel soooo good. I feel like I am now at the point where I am actually making a difference here with my testimony and with the words I say. After this lady and about two other people we came to this house. There is a 10 year old and an 8 year old. They are the cutest little things. Their mom and dad are atheists but the kids are both recent converts and so strong in the gospel! It is sooo cool and such an example. I will tell you more about them later! This day with Hermana Sic was just a testament to me that it doesnt matter who the missionaries are and it doesn't matter the people you teach. It just matters that they learn the gospel from the Spirit. Thats all! Simple as that!

Funny story that happened this week at the temple. So we are in a reception tent after everyone has their tour where people can ask questions and things like that. There is a picture of Christ that everyone takes a picture with. It is pretty cool! But it is always scary when they come to you and say "I have a question" because sometimes I don't know the answer, let alone in Spanish. But anyways, this little girl came up to me, probably about 9 years old. I THOUGHT she said, "Where are the bathrooms?" So I explained to her that if you go out of the tent, go to the beginning of the parking lot, into the chapel and first door on the right" ALL in Spanish, ok? I was pretty proud of myself. I was until I looked down at her face after I finished. She was looking at my like I just killed somebody or I had 3 eyes or something. I didn't answer her question. I KNEW I didn't. So I said, "That wasn't your question was it...." and she said "no......" and then I said, "what was your question?" and she said, "Why are there bulls under the baptismal font?" WOW NOT EVEN CLOSE MEGAN. dang I really messed that one up. We were both laughing after and I was pretty embarrassed. but funny story to tell you all! I hope you appreciate my awkward life! It is still awkward every day, even in the mission. 

Sad story that happened this week at the temple. Hermana Tirado and I had to go home early because we were both sick. We went to the doctor, we both had fevers and we got medicine. We were walking to go to the car with President and this lady stopped us. She said she was in one of the video rooms with us and she could tell that we didn't feel good because we were sick. She stopped us and said, "Are you feeling better?" we said, "no..actually we are going home right now..." and I said, "all I want when I am sick is my mom!" and she gave me a huuuuuge hug and kiss on the cheek and said to us, " I have a daughter on a mission! Let me be your mom for just one second!" she hugged Hermana Tirado and I and it felt like my mom was hugging me. After she hugged us, Hermana Tirado and I both looked at each other and we were both crying. We cried from there to the doctors office and into the car with President. It was hard but it was good to "get a hug from my mommy" that day. Tender mercy!

The meeting with Elder Christofferson was soooo cool. It was weird to see that he is an actual person. He is suuuper funny! But after we did the musical number, he whispered, "Excelente!" behind us after we finished. When we sat down he said, "I am going to tell Mack Wilburg about you all. He will be delighted to hear you all."  Hermana Jones and I were sitting next to each other and about died when he said that. Aaaahhh so cool. But his meeting was so cool and I learned so much that I am trying to put into practice right now. 

Megan singing at the meeting with Elder Christofferson.
In our apartment, we have to turn on the gas before we shower and we have to wait about 30 minutes for the water to get hot. But this week, we dint have gas for about 4 days so guess how many showers I took with cold water? ONLY ONE! hahahahaha. but it wasn't fun because that was when I was sick. be thankful for showers!! hot ones!!!

Sadly, Victor didn't have his baptism this week because he told us that he is having some problems. So that is this weeks project. Please pray for him!

At the temple. The girl in the middle was debating on going on a mission and she said after talking to us that she is! So cool!
My subject line is "the little things" because so many little things always happen every single day that I consider little miracles or tender mercies. There is an "almost-deaf" man (probably 90 years old) that sits on this certain street..i think right outside his house. He wears a cowboy hat every day and you can tell that he doesn't have much. We always pass by and he takes off his hat and smiles at us with no teeth. Sometimes if we have time, we sing him a hymn and he always says it is beautiful, even though he can barely hear. Such a cool little thing. Another was when I was with Hermana Sic teaching those kids that just got baptized. At the beginning of the lesson, the little boy said the prayer. Sweetest prayer I have ever heard! During that lesson, we got on the topic of Venezuela and how it isnt in very good condition. How they don't have a lot of food or water, how it is dangerous and all of these bad things. After we were done we asked "OK, who wants to say the closing prayer?" and the little boy said, "I do!" and we said, "even if you said the opening prayer?" and he said, "yes! I want to pray for Venezuela!" sweeeeeetest. first of all, this family hardly has anything. They share one bed. They hardly have any food or clothes. But the little boy WANTS to pray for people who have barely less than him! It was such a cool experience that I think we can ALL learn from. Just keep that in mind this week!

I love this work and I feel so lucky to be here in Mexico. 

Hermana Garner

After a meeting this week, we saw 12 of these little angels and I didnt care that I was allergic to dogs!!

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  1. Ok I hope that for tonight's scripture reading, catching up with Meg's blog counts cuz is kind of late, Dang Meg ! your blog is making me home sick, this fall it will be my 8th anniversary in the US. I watch your pictures of Mexico's city streets and they look just like I remember them, is king of crazy how reading your blog takes me back to this world that is so different and yet so similar to here. any way, keep having the best time ever, best wishes from me.