Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 15: "Tenga fe!"

Hello everyone! 

This week was very interesting; a lot happened. 

So this week was our first normal week back from working at the temple. Studying in the morning, going to our meal at 2 and working until 8:30-9 at night! I like our regular schedule again. it is nice to be in a routine!

So I had a pretty sad experience this week, I will share that first so you don't read this last. So Luis. He is such an awesome guy, right? So this last Sunday he didn't come to church and we just thought he was sick or something. So we call him and that is what he said! And we were like " is totally fine" So remember that we were sick for about a week straight so we didn't visit a lot of people that week, including Luis. So we were on our way home from church after we talked to him and his mom called us. He lives with his mom and sister. He is married and has kids, but they live separately. Don't ask me why. So his mom calls us and she says, "Luis didn't come to church today. He is drinking and he feels bad talking on the phone to you guys about it." My heart ripped. I couldn't talk. I am getting teary right now just writing about this. So we said, "Can we visit him today, just stop by and talk to him?" she said yes. so later that day, we got to his house and his mom came out. she was crying. she talked about how he has been an alcoholic all of his life and he relapsed this week. she said he lost his job and he is super lost. she was having such a hard time just talking to us about this. we asked if we could see him. she said "if you want..." we said, "yes, we want to!" so we go up to the apartment. we sit down and she says, "I will go get him" we say a tiny little prayer while waiting for him on the couch. we hear him trip down the hall. he comes and sits down on a chair in front of us. he is different person. his hair was messy, his eyes were glossy, he was a different man. i started crying right there. we said, "how are you Luis?" "bad" "well, we wanted to visit you and see how you are doing" "i'm fine" "ok..well when can we visit you?" "tomorrow morning at 6am?" "umm..we don't work then. how about later in the day around 3?" "ok sounds good. bye" and leaves. I was heartbroken. we looked at each other and stood up and walked out with his mom. she was crying, i was crying and hermana tirado was almost crying. we talked to his mom about how he is a child of God and God loves him. Even right now while he is drinking. We explained to her that we can help him, he just needs to do his part. She was so thankful for us that we were there. So after that, we left and we were just balling. Weeping. It was the saddest moment of my mission so far. I grew to love Luis. He was so happy, especially after his baptism. You all saw the picture! Now, it will be a little different but we just have to remember that it isn't our fault that he is drinking. it took me a long time to realize that. it was really hard for us that day. reeally hard. please keep him in your prayers!

Honestly my best friend here. After the experience with Luis, she talked to me for so long and just hugged me. (the flash was super bright, that is why her eyes are like that)

After that experience, we had a "Noche Mexicana", a ward activity at the church! Because their big Mexican holiday is this week. Sept. 15-16. so there was Mexican music, food, and all kinds of stuff. it was super fun! I bought eyelashes but they were like the Mexican flag, I will send pictures. they were pretty obnoxious,but they were fun and everyone loved them and actually wouldn't stop staring at me. fun and uncomfortable at the same time..haha.

Selfie with Hermana Buitrron at the Noche Mexicana. She loved it and was dancing in her wheelchair. I love old people!!! And yes, those are the famous eyelashes that were a hit.
This week, Hermana Crichton (the other American missionary in my apt) were together as companions a lot this week because our companions had meetings for two days. we thought we were going to die, we have only been in the field for more than a month. we were so scared. but it was sooo good! we did so well and we taught so well! we even found a new investigator together! It was a cool testimony to me that if Heavenly Father needs us to do something, He will help us as long as we have faith! That is why my subject line is "have faith" in spanish because that is what our companions kept on saying before we started because we were both pretty scared. but we did it and it was so cool!

Now that we are in a routine again, we can exercise again in the mornings! And I have decided to do.....YOGA! Oh, how I have missed my yoga classes. But the best part about it is, I go up on my roof of my apartment. Don't worry, it is not a regular American roof where it slides down and stuff, we do our laundry and stuff up there so it is just a floor. So I wake up, put on some leggings, grab a cute little Mexican blanket that we have, go up on the roof and do yoga. And the best part about it is: it is at the time when the sun rises in the morning! (yes, it is that early) so it is soooo beautiful! It is the most relaxing thing I do all day. I love it! I will send pictures of the pretty sunrises every morning! That is my new favorite thing!
The sunrise one morning! "Namaste"

This week is the big Mexican holiday, so we aren't allowed to leave our house to work, so it will be interesting what we do for a whole day inside our little apartment. we will find things! we always do! haha.

I hit my 3 month mark this week! Crazy how time flies here...I know I say that in every email but it couldn't be more true. I am 1/6 of the way done! whattt?!?! cray cray.

The temple dedication! It was sooooo cool. I have never seen one before, so it was my first time. It was the neatest thing. Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland came. The re-dedication was in the celestial room of the temple, so cool! The talks were great and the Spirit was so strong. It was broadcasted in the chapel and SO many people came. It was so cool to see the desire of all of the people who want to watch it! singing the Spirit of God in Spanish at the end was my favorite part. It was one of my favorite hymns and I don't know why but it is so much more powerful to me in Spanish. Such a cool experience! My favorite part was when Elder Holland talked. I loved when in the beginning, he spoke Spanish, but you can tell he doesn't speak Spanish so it was super cute. Ahh i loved every minute of it!

My testimony grew so much this week, with teaching lessons all in Spanish with Hma. Crichton, the temple dedication and even the experience with Luis. Because of that experience, I have to study and pray my hardest for him to feel the love of the Savior again. He needs so many prayers, please remember him! We are hoping we can talk to him this week but yesterday his mom said he was worse than Sunday. We will see! 

Thank you for all of your emails this week! I feel so supported in everything I do, it is the best feeling! Love you all!

Hermana Garner

This little lady is my favorite. She is my mommy here. She always gives us candy and huge hugs when we go to the chapel. She works in the chapel, I don't remember what her calling is. Love her!

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