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6/20/16 - I love your love

hi friends and family! hope this week was a good one.

this week for us it was PACKED with plans and I felt like we were running everywhere. it was stressful but I noticed every single day this week there was a miracle. here they are and I will explain them later!

monday-Reginaldo accepting a date to be baptized
tuesday-district meeting
wednesday-Oscar teaching us
thursday-Rony's testimony
friday-cold shower
saturday-the rainbow
sunday-Elba and Anyeli at church
starting with Monday, we have a new investigator named Reginaldo and he accepted to be baptized on July 30! he is so solid. he already knows the church and the Book of Mormon are true. the interesting thing is that he can't read. he never learned how. so we always read to him and he listens to the Book of Mormon on the app on his phone. It is taking some getting used to but he is progressing nonetheless! He didnt come to church on sunday because he had to work so we will work on that this week :) but the miracle was that we were having a suuuuper stressful day that day, almost in tears. we decided just to try if he was home and we ended up teaching him and having someone want to be baptized! it was a testimony to me of the attitude we should have throughout the day. not frustrated or mad, but grateful that we are bringing people unto Christ.
tuesday we had a district meeting that was very inspiring and motivational! our district is just the missionaries in the branch this transfer so we are really close and unified! I love it!
wednesday we went over to the Peraltas to teach Oscar. he taught Priesthood (the men’s Sunday school lesson) on sunday! he said he was super nervous for it but everyone came up to him after and said it was super good and they learned a lot. he made posters and everything for the lesson, he is the cutest. We were planning on teaching him stuff about the priesthood but he just went on about his lesson and basically just taught us the whole entire time. asking us questions and everything. i told him to think about the first time he bore his testimony, shaking and so scared and look where he is now. everytime I am with him, it makes me so happy. he brings me sooo much joy! on sunday we couldnt stop talking to each other during class-I LOVE HIM!
thursday we went to teach Reginaldo and Rony came with us because they used to be roommates! (another miracle) but Rony bore a suuuuper powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it changed his life. He isnt really the one to speak up or to speak his feelings but he did that night and he taught me a lot. members are so powerful!
friday we did A TON of service and I dont think I have ever been more exhausted in my life. We did our studies in the morning and left at 11 to go mow someones lawn and cut their trees. We biked all the way there (we dont have miles) and it was already in the 100's with the sun. So we did that service with a push lawn-mower, not an automatic. but the lady was nice and brought us out cold mexican drinks. after that we biked all the way to the food truck and handed out food for 2 hours in the burning sun too! everyone was just dripping. we biked home and I took the coldest shower of my life.
saturday was an interesting day. a lot of appointments fell through and it was stressful/crazy. it was on and off raining the whole day with blue skies on one side and complete darkness on the other side. we did a little act of service for someone, we got out of the car and there was the most beautiful rainbow. im so grateful for nature and the little reminders we receive.
sunday was just amazing. such a good sunday! our new investigator Elba and her little daughter Anyeli came. they are from Honduras and they LOVED church. Elba is the cutest little mom and Anyeli is the sweetest 9-year-old-little girl. I will send you a picture of them next week hopefully. but we are in love with them and they are doing really well and seem really open to everything about the church. we are always so excited to teach them!
so there is my week in a nutshell. it was super successful- we have four progressing investigators! the work is definitely moving in this area and it couldnt make me more happy.
last miracle of the week was this: we were at the food truck on friday giving out food. I know so many of the people there now, especially the Hispanics (my people). they come around the corner and they are all like "hermana garner!!!!! heyyyy!!!" kisses on the cheeks and hugs all around. but one of my favorite old ladies came around with the cuuuutest mexican dress. i said "I looove your dress!" she smiled, stopped me, grabbed me by the arms and said "I love your love" and I kind of just looked at her and she said "Thank you for doing this for us. thank you for being willing to sacrifice your time so that we can have food this week. I will never forget you" sweetest lady ever and it really took me back. sometimes in the mission when we do service projects, it just feels like something else to do. but when we serve, we are literally serving God's children, our brothers and sisters. we all have the same God and Father and we all have one goal-to get back to Him again. I'm so grateful for the daily miracles I see on my mission and for the people I meet.
I started the week this week in my reading with 3 Nephi 11 and I have been reading Christ's teachings all this week and have been soooo uplifted and I have learned so much. I invite all of you to read 3 Nephi 11 ( and on this week. it is amazing! life-changing!
enjoy your week this week! love you all!
Hermana Garner
me and "the trainee"
cotton candy sky one night!
after a VERY hot day.
jorge-the member that comes out with us all the time to prepare for his mission. he is so good with kids, it makes us happy.
the night Rony bore killer testimony.
me and boo at a service project.

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