Monday, February 6, 2017

2-6-17 - Ukulele joy

HI EVERYONE! this week was so good, I loved every minute!

my new companion, Hna. Hafoka is AMAZING. Heavenly Father definitely has His ways and knows I need to be with her. she has already changed me! I am so happy she is my last companion!

biggest news is this:
Pres. Hall (president of the mission) is having a Family Night tonight and a representative from Salt Lake is in town visiting the mission. Pres. Hall told us if we have investigators/less-actives to bring we should get them there. so guess who is going??? JOSE AND HIS WIFE with the Vanegas couple. we are so excited for them! We aren't allowed to go because there won't be enough room for missionaries, but we are sooo excited for Jose to be there. we were worried about the language barrier, but Pres. Hall said that there will be "puros hispanos" only Hispanic people there and Pres. Hall and the visiting rep and his wife all speak Spanish. it will be perfect!!

some other exciting news! Hna. Paz (a less-active member that we have been working with since I got here....August) FINALLY came to church yesterday! it was so amazing. a couple times ago we went over and tried to set new years goals with her but she didn't really want to. we gave her a paper that said "2017 goals" and told her to put goals on there and put it somewhere where she can see it and she didn't really want to. but we went over the other day and that paper was on her fridge with some really good goals on it! (including going to church) so we talked about that and she told us that she finally has the desire to go back to church. On sunday, we called her and just reminded her what time it started and she CAME! all of the members ran up to her and hugged her too, it had to have made her feel super good. the testimonies were really powerful yesterday, so hopefully this will be a regular thing now :) she told us after church that her job called her and wanted her to come in and she said no, that she had to go to church! we love her!

we got to teach our cute investigators, Irma and Clarissa this week. the mom and the daughter. they are doing okay....they are super busy but they expressed to us that this can really help them and their family become more united and happy. they are starting to read the Book of Mormon, so hopefully they see that difference in their life!

so Hna. Hafoka is really good at playing the ukulele, she wears a lavalava to bed, has the best laugh and she makes me want to be Tongan! so I have brushed up on my ukulele skills...(it has been so long) but we have been trying to sing to members and people. Jose isn't doing too good physically, he hasn't been feeling good. so after one of our lessons, we sang How Great Thou Art with the ukulele same with Hna. Aguilar. it is so fun and brings the spirit so quick.

another cool experience with the ukulele. we went over to a members house and they said Tomasa's birthday was last Thursday! (old investigator) so we decided to go over there and sing happy birthday with the ukulele. so we go over, knock on the door, she opens it and just runs to me and squeezes me so tight. we said we had a surprise for her and she got the biggest smile. we sang the song and she started to tear up, still with the biggest smile. after we finished, she just hugged me again and started to cry. I pulled her away and said "how are you? whats wrong?" and she told us her brother had passed away not too long ago. we asked her if we could come by this week and she said "yeah...come over!" and hugged me again. she really missed us and we were definitely sent there for a reason that night. I will try to get a picture with her when we go this week! I have missed her so much!

we have been going to that Catholic Charities place a lot this week for service and it has been amazing! getting to know people and their stories. Hna. Hafoka is super good at talking to people and connecting with them. She is amazing and is really teaching me a lot! We laugh alllllll day long together....I'm glad to have her. she already knows her way around the area and the people love her! I know I will leave the area in good hands.

thank you for everything! have an amazing week!

Hermana Garner

we have fun.
the dream team.
my fav lady, Hna. Ortiz playing a broken violin!
we literally come home at night and play the ukulele until we sleep.

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