Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2/20/17 - Temple happiness

HOLA! how are we? hope this week was a good week for all! it was an amazing one for us.

Hope Valentine's Day was good for was probably our most successful day! We saw all of our investigators, Anita, Irma & Clarissa and Jose! And different members came with us to all of them! 

ANITA! She is doing really well. She is struggling a little bit with her husband right now because he doesnt support her in learning about the gospel...which makes it hard. But we read the Book of Mormon with her and she loved it. We read in 3 Nephi 18 and she was crying through it because it applied to what she was going through. She has a new love for the Book of Mormon!

IRMA&CLARISSA! We saw them this week with an awesome member, Hna. Brodrick, my idol! She is amazing and her and Clarissa clicked super well and they are going to do playdates with their kids soon together too. We read 1 Nephi together with them and they completely understood and loved what they read. They were super thankful for our visit, we are still hoping to teach them all together as a family! They really need it. pray for them!

JOSE! oh man, he is doing AWESOME. he is is doing really good physically which makes everything easier. we saw him this week with a member he hasn't met before which was super good. the member was super sick for a while so him and Jose really related. it was good, he needed it. on thursday we went to see him without a member and of course his wife wasnt there that one night so we couldnt go in. so we stood outside and he sat inside and we just talked about his life for like 2 hours. he told us all about his life in Mexico, how he danced and was so healthy. He told us how he met his wife, how they got married, how their kids grew up, everything. it was so fun. we laughed so hard with him, we didnt teach anything. we just talked and got to know him better and it was the best. moments like that just make me the happiest. we are going to President Hall's house for an FHE tomorrow night with awesome members and then President Solis wants to do an FHE with them on Thursday and hopefully he will be able to be BAPTIZED on saturday!! please keep him in your prayers!! By the way, he said the closing prayer in Gospel Principles yesterday and he did awesome. We are so proud of him! 

FAM. DIAZ! We went with the Primary President to teach them and it was awesome! they are a little nervous with their kids going to different classes, but we think she really helped them understand why we go different places at church. and guess what? they came to church yesterday!!!! I think they felt really good and loved there. 

we found a new investigator, her name is Frances! Hermana Solis had been telling us that she has been praying for one of her neighbors to accept the gospel. so she finally got the courage to ask her and she made an appointment! so we went and met her! Frances is a cute little mom with a 6-year-old daughter, just them. She knows this could really help her and her little daughter. We are excited to start teaching them! 

I had the most amazing day on Saturday, I got to go to the temple with Oscar, my convert from Kemah! When I saw him for the first time that day, I waved and he was walking away but looked at the perfect moment and had the biggest smile and put his fist in the air. It was the most magical day. I remember sitting in the temple right next to both, Oscar and his wife. I wanted to word throw up on them, "How have you been? How do you feel? how was it?" everything like that...but we just sat in silence. Oscar prayed to himself for a long time, which made me really happy. I forgot that a ton of Kemah people would be there, so it was good to catch up with everyone. They all thought I finished so some hermanos hugged me...haha. I love all of them and it was so good to see everyone! 

it was an amazing week, seeing some of my favorite people! Saturday was one of the best days of my life, unforgettable. I have never had so much love for these people in my life! I guess that is what the mission does to ya. So many people here have been asking me about how I feel about ending my mission soon. The only thing I say is that is has been the hardest 1.5 years of my life, but the most rewarding as well. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

love you all!

Hermana Garner


Hna Peralta (Oscar’s wife!!!)

my fav personOscar!!!

the Kemah crew (all people from her first area)

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