Monday, October 19, 2015

Coming home

Hello sweet friends and family-

We spoke to Megan along with her mission president and his wife on Wednesday night. It was a sweet and comforting conversation. We shared our thoughts, prayed together, and listened as Megan described her journey towards making a decision about what to do. We shed many tears with some laughter mixed in and talked about how we wish the circumstances could be different. Megan has loved every minute of her mission and wishes more than anything that she could stay. However, she feels like the answer to her many prayers is that she needs to come home and get well.  Her mission president and his wife are heart-broken. They love our sweet girl immensely and are so sad that she is leaving. They said “she is amazingly strong and has endured through sickness every single day for months. Despite her challenges, she has served and loved so many. There are so many here who will be so sad to see her leave. Even though we wish it were different, I am extending to her an honorable release from her mission and pray that she will return home and get healthy.”

She has been struggling with stomach issues for over 2 months and has lost 30 or more pounds. She has been on several different kinds of medicine and had an endoscopy and lab work done. Nothing has tempered the symptoms for very long and they have become increasingly worse. She feels like she needs to come home and get her body healthy again. That is our first priority – to get her healthy. The door is open for her to return on a mission if her health returns. Time will tell what might be in store for her – her desire to serve and love is very strong and she will have to decide how that might happen best going forward.

She will be arriving home today. We are excited to see her and to hear all the stories and see the pictures of her experiences there. What a marvelous day it will be to hug our sweet girl again!  We are so proud of her and all she was able to accomplish in such a short time. She has learned many things and grown in remarkable ways and I’m sure will never forget the lessons she learned there. Coming home early from a mission is never easy. There are often feelings of insecurity and worry if the right decision was made. We hope to help her see what she has accomplished and to celebrate a job well done.
Thank you for all you have done to support and love her and us. We are truly and deeply grateful – for the prayers, words of support, and fasting on our behalf. It has been humbling to see how much we are loved by each of you. Please know of our most sincere and heart-felt gratitude for everything you’ve done.

Troy and Leslie


  1. Aunt Leslie,
    I'm sorry to hear about Megan. I hope she will get better once she is home. My mission situation was almost identical to hers. Out in September, sick by November, home in January. It can be really rough coming home but the Lord has his reasons. I didn't understand why I needed to be back home until almost a year later. I did get really into family history and indexing as a way to continue my "missionary service" and it really helped. Let Megan know we all love her and miss her! And let me know if she ever needs someone to talk to that's been in her situation, I'd be happy to.
    Much love, Alicia

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