Thursday, October 22, 2015

Doctor's visit

Hello sweet friends and family-

Megan had an appointment with Dr. Buse (GI doctor) today – what a wonderful man! A little blessing that we didn’t expect – he speaks Spanish! This was very helpful as he was able to read all the documents from her stay in the hospital and read the packages from her (many) different medicines. He spent a long time talking to Megan about her symptoms and also spent 10 minutes watching the video from her endoscopy (even asked if we had brought popcorn to go with it!) He did not have any concerns about the endoscopy which is good. He was very willing to be aggressive with doing more tests right away if that is what we wanted but his recommendation was to wait 2 weeks, not take any medicine, and see how she feels. He really believes that given some time, she will feel better.  He thinks that she likely got some type of bacteria or infection that upset her digestion system and for some reason, it just couldn’t recover.

She has felt somewhat better since coming home – still nauseous and some stomach pain but not as often. She has shared lots and lots of stories and pictures which we have loved! She has connected online with some of the people from Mexico and has loved being able to stay updated on their lives. She misses them and especially misses the sister missionaries in her apartment and her amazing mission president and his wife.

We are going to follow Dr. Buse’s advice and give her a couple weeks of Mama’s home cookin’ to see what happens. If she is still having symptoms, we’ll head back to Dr. Buse’s office and start doing some follow up tests. Thank you so much for your texts, emails and phone calls. We truly feel very loved! We will send another update in a couple of weeks and let you know how she is doing. We would love your continued prayers for her recovery!

Much love~

Troy and Leslie

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