Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 19: Decisions

Good morning-

Troy and I received a call on Sunday night from Megan’s mission president. He is concerned about her health and has asked us, along with Megan, to pray to understand what would be best for her to get better. We have a call scheduled tomorrow night to discuss this with he and Megan. As you can imagine, it is weighing heavily on her mind. She wants nothing more than to stay and serve her mission but realizes that she can’t be very effective if she is not well. We are still hoping and praying for a miracle but also realize that a miracle may not be what is in store for her. We will know more after our call tomorrow night and will send an update then.

Please continue to pray for her. We would love nothing more than a miracle to allow her to stay but if that’s not what should happen, we hope that her body will heal quickly if she comes home.

We love you and are very, very grateful for your love and support!

Hello family and friends! thank you for all of the emails, letters and prayers!

Unfortunately, I have to make a decision this week. To stay or to come home. My body isnt getting better here in Mexico. I am not healthy. The medicines arent working, I cannot get the medical treatment I need here. This has not been easy for me. At all. Actually, it has been the hardest time of my entire life. Trying to show my faith to the Lord and go walk the streets and teach while I feel horrible or laying in my bed all day feeling poopy too. This isnt how a mission should be. I have talked to my mission president and his wife a ton about my decision.They always tell me that I should be enjoying my mission, not suffering through it. Yes, there will be big trials, but not for our whole mission. With this trial, it limits me physically and has almost drained me emotionally too. I have been so confused with this trial.Why am I here if I am going to be sick and cant work? Isnt that the whole point of a mission? But I have also learned a lot about the Lords will. A lot of the time, we dont know what is best for ourselves, only the Lord. If the Lord wants me to go home, then I will. If He wants me to stay then I will. It is one of the biggest decisions of my entire life. And it is scary because I cant talk to my family too often about what they think. 

I just want to let you all know that I have no desire to come home. Except to see my family and friends of course, but to return to old life is not something I imagined right now 4 months into my mission. As a matter of fact, I have changes/transfers anyway, so I will leaving my area with either decision I make. I said goodbye to the people I love yesterday and I cried and cried.It was the hardest thing. I absolutely love the people of Mexico City. Loooove them. There is so much work still to be done here and so many people that need the gospel. I love them dearly.

As I am packing, I dont know if I am packing to only change areas or to go home. Either way, it is a sad and hard process. I really dont want to leave, but if it is the will of the Lord that I come home then I will. I have learned so much about the Lord and His love while I have been on my mission and I think He would be dissapointed in me if I didnt show my faith and follow his will. I have learned that. 

If I do go home, I end my mission with the best way possible. A baptism. We have a baptism tonight, Victor. He is so excited and so prepared. He is progressing so much in the Book of Mormon and praying. He has the sweetest heart. He said that he wants to get baptized to be an example for his family. Wow! He has so much faith and such a strong desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ. He is an example to me! So tonight we have that baptism and the bishop told us that so many people in the ward are coming and we are going to have a family night after. so excited for this and if I do go home, this is the perfect way to end.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I will have a conference call with my parents and my mission president on Wednesday night and that is when the final decision will be made. Please pray for me and my family to be in tune to get the right answer!

Hermana Garner

my goodbyes:

Saying goodbye to Hermana Buittron. Saddest thing.

Sweet Hermana Monrroy! I think she was sadder than me when we visited her for the last time. Such a sweet lady.

These are some of my favorite people here on my mission. My "mission mom" and her daughter. They are so fun and so loving. I will miss them so much.

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