Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 17: "Conviction, not obligation"

Hola familia y amigos! Como estan???

This week has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs! I have had one of the best moments of my mission so far and a pretty hard day yesterday. I have also learned so much!

I had divisions again this week with Hermana Villalobos. I live with her and I thought it would be super hard because she speaks no English and she has a really thick accent from Honduras...but it went SO well. She is such a great missionary! We felt the Spirit soooo strong in all of our lessons. It was soooo great!

It is almost October here and it is pretty chilly! Especially in the mornings. We dont have a heater so we have to layer up to sleep. We are getting a space heater soon! Dont worry mom!

We got to watch Women’s Conference this week. In Spanish. I understood most of it which was a blessing! Next week is General Conference and we get to watch it in English! There is an American room....sooooo grateful! Hermana J and I will watch it together! I couldnt be more excited to listen to the words I need to hear!

We are still teaching the lady English and wow what a cool thing it is. I had never imagined teaching English would be hard, but it is! People ask so many questions "why is this like this?" and I honestly have no idea what to tell them. I am grateful that my native language is English because sooo many people here want to learn it! We are lucky!

Hermana Ts birthday was this week so I made her a huge breakfast. Eggs, blueberry muffins, fruit, toast, cereal everything. I got her earrings and a member bought her a huge cake which I smashed her face into. Pretty fun! 

Downtown Mexico City! so many cool decorations!
The highlight of my week was with Luis - our recent convert that started drinking again after his baptism. We havent been able to contact him in a while and we were about to give up. On Friday ( I think) we were in the church and we were walking to another appointment. Luis lives right next door to the church but you need a key to enter his apartment complex. But when we walked by, the door was wide open and no one was around. We kept on walking and thought nothing about it. And then I had this thought, We need to go see Luis`s mom. Because we knew that Luis was getting help in a Rehab center or something similar. So I told Hermana Tirado "We need to go and see Luis`s mom. She said "ok..." So we walked through the wide open gate and got to his apartment complex. We yelled from the bottom "SeƱora Lara!" (the mom of Luis) over and over again. No one came. We almost walked away and we heard the window open. It wasnt Luis`s mom. It was Luis. He said "HI! I will come open the door for you!" We were frozen and our hearts were beating. Honestly, I was scared to go in. We went in, sat down and started talking. It was the coolest experience. We talked about how in our lives, when we do something good and Heavenly Father is proud of us, Satan is also very powerful and can have an influence over us. He felt really bad and he said 3 things that I loved. One he said, "This whole time I have been having a hard time, I have heard the piano in the chapel and thought of you guys" he also said "The love for God has always been right here" and he put is hand over his heart. We talked to him about returning back to church and reading the scriptues again and he said "Yes, I will continue to read the scriptues and go to church with conviction, not obligation". wow. he still has such a strong testimony. this meeting brought me sooo much comfort. that He still has a love for the gospel. we asked him "what are you going to do if you fall into temptation again?" he said "I will beg for help in prayer" he knows what to do! So we will see what else happens with him. But thank you soooo much for all of the prayers for him! He has such a big place in my heart.

As for my health, I am doing a lot better! I feel a lot better but I still cant eat a lot, so I continue to lose weight. Hahaha. A lot of my skirts I have to pin and some shirts are pretty lose, but it is a good thing right?! Im still not completely normal (my health..haha) but I feel a lot better. I worked everyday this week and felt great! Thank you for the emails and prayers! It means so much!

Have a greaaaat week this week! Always remember to say your prayers, morning and night. Morning because when we bring the Spirit in the morning, we have it for the rest of our day! Night, because we have soooo many things to be grateful for. Sooo many blessings. Read the scriptures too! I have grown to LOVE the scriptures. They help me so much!

Hermana Garner

Members gave us these mugs one meal with our names on them! So nice of them!!

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