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1/25/16 - Bike rides

Hi friends-

A couple of things to clarify in Megan’s letter below:
-Russel M Nelson is one of 15 main leaders of our church. They travel worldwide and speak to congregations frequently and it is exciting to have one of them come to speak in your mission. There are 405 missions around the world so it doesn’t happen often!
-She mentioned that Rony (a new member) received the priesthood. In our church, boys are given the priesthood at age 12 and, as they get older, that responsibility to act in Christ’s name increases. New members are given the priesthood very soon after they are baptized and are given many opportunities to serve others as Christ did.

hello family and friends!

this week has been so good but hard too!

We had a world-wide mission conference on Wednesday with all of the missions in the entire world and it was live. It was a suuuuper cool feeling. the speakers were so great and I learned A TON. they were definitely inspired because they answered so many of my questions. I loved it!


so...O! the dream investigator. he is doing so so great! their family is so fun to be with. they are from the Dominican Republic and their accents are TO DIE FOR. I wish I wasn't American sometimes...haha. we dont have cool accents. ANYWAY. everytime we teach him they always have so much food for us and we never remember they feed us so usually we eat BASTANTE (plenty or enough). as in the meal we have before and the meal they feed us. when we get home after them we all lay on the floor and digest a little. On the spiritual side of things, O is doing well and is still planning on getting baptized the 9th of February and telling his family about it this Sunday. it will be so great! his wife honestly has the strongest testimony I have ever seen in my life. AND also the best laugh I have ever heard. I love the people here.

We have a game of soccer every Friday night at this big field and it is super fun. we go because we have recent converts and less-active guys (usually ages 20-25) that like to play so we play with them! I always get made fun of because I'm always freezing cold and I don't know the "soccer spanish lingo" yet..haha. some of them usually pass me the ball super "easy" so I can get it and then they come and steal it from me anyway. fun times.

We had a service activity on Saturday. we went to this BEAUTIFUL park right on the water and we picked up litter everywhere! there were so many docks that you could go out on and the weather was perfect. I didn't bring my camera so just imagine it in your mind :) my companions and I have a lot of fun together so it was a party and a half. I think we are in the newspaper for it too!

So R is a recent convert that we have, he got baptized the weekend before I got here. is is AMAZING. he is about mid twentys and is from Guatemala. he is so fun and has such a strong testimony. he just got the priesthood on Sunday and is pretty excited. we are getting him names so we can go with him and his brother (member of a year) to the temple to do baptisms on Feb. 13. im SO excited! It is cool because here it is super hard for people to get off work because they come to America to only work so their bosses can be super strict. but thankfully he got it and so it will be a special day for everyone!

the weather has been absolutely perfect this week. it rained a couple times but the rain is good too! "bike rides" was my subject because it is my new favorite thing. and we are going to have to do it a lot more because we are running out of my miles and it is near the end of the month. I enjoy bike rides so much! they take stress out of the day and are so relaxing and refreshing. I love them. I have learned a lot about taking those moments out of the day to realize how blessed we are and to not take anything for granted. enjoy those little moments that we have and cherish them! we live for those.

thanks for the letters and emails! you all are so great! have a great week!

Hermana Garner

so we don't live in a very central location so a lot of times we study in the car or bring lunches and eat in the car because we don't want to go all the way home. but sometimes we get distracted!

 Sign by one of our investigator's houses - so cool!

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