Monday, March 7, 2016

2/22/16 - Good food!

hello family and friends!!!!

today was an amazing week! we saw a lot of people and miracles happened!

We have a new investigator! His name is L. He is from Mexico and he is in his 30s probably. We had a referral for someone that lived in his apartment so we went to contact him (the referral's name is P) and L opened the door. We started talking to him (L) and he was SO friendly and seemed interested. We set up an appointment and we went and taught both him and the actual referral Lesson 1. L asked amazing questions and P was just kind of there listening. We invited both of them to be baptized, P said no and L didn't answer. We figured he didn't because P said no. We set up another appointment and only L was there and he accepted a baptismal date for April 9! We are SOO happy and excited. He loves when we come and he is so prepared. We invited him to come to soccer with us on Friday to meet all of the men that go and he came and loved! he even scored a goal which made him and us super happy. Heavenly Father had him open that door first for a reason.

R is doing super well! We are trying to get more members to come out teaching with us and it has been working out super well! our branch president wants all of the recent converts to come out teaching with us. so we took rony! we were in a lesson with Y and he bore his testimony so powerfully! he even invited them to church!!! he did super well for being really shy. we were soooo proud of him. also when we went to the temple with him last week, he got fancy scriptures with his name on them and he asked if he could put our initials on them! So it says on the scriptures, "RR S.R.G" he is the best!!!!! oh also he took L to soccer!

English class was fun this week. the lesson that we taught was how to ask for help in English. it was hard to teach and hard for them to understand but it was fun. we did this activity where I had to speak suuuuuper fast in English and they had to say "slow down please". they had a list of phrases that they had to choose from like "I have a question!" or "I don't understand"  or "please speak louder" stuff like that. I was the station/,missionary that had to speak super fast. And I was the first one. so one by one they came to me and I said something like "hellomynameishermanagarnerandiamamissionaryhereinhoustontexaswhatisyournameiliketotakepicturesandplaythepianoalsoiliketoeat"
hahaha. and the look on ALL of their faces was so priceless. they just stared at me with blank faces blinking a couple times. it was the funniest thing to me.....but I couldn't laugh.

So because Hermana S is going home tomorrow, you can imagine the amount of people who want to see us and feed us before she leaves. so we have been out to breakfast, lunch and dinner and have eaten multiple dinner meals in a day a few times this week. my subject line is "good food" por eso. I will send pictures! I started a sugar fast a week ago and plan to go until my birthday in May. I have been going strong! pray for me! haha.

Goodbye Hermana S

Sister Hall, the mission president's wife came to our companion study on Friday. Sometimes she visits companionships just to see how they are doing and how their area is. it was really fun and good to have her. we learned a lot and we loved how she read outloud in Spanish. she is the cutest!

One of the many delicious meals we had this week was at F's house, the woman who is going through the divorce and has 3 amazing little girls. She fed us TACOS AL PASTOR!!! the famous tacos in mexico that I miss dearly. they were AMAZING. it made me miss my country, mexico!

Tacos Al Pastor                                                                                                    

These are the daughters of F. They all got overalls that day, they are so adorable and we love being with their family! they crack us UP!

I gave a talk yesterday! I was SOOOO nervous. It was on the Sabbath Day. Thankfully the topic was super simple because the branch needs simple things and simple reminders. My companions said I did super well but I think I did ok! My accent is getting better!

I have seen my Spanish grow this week. I have felt since I have gotten here that I have been in a hole with my Spanish. It was hard being at home and not speaking it and coming back. But I have fasted and prayed for it a lot recently and I think I am progressing again. No, I am not fluent but I am getting closer and closer everyday. When I was in the MTC I remember I heard a General Authority say in a talk "Whatever language you speak in your mission, Heavenly Father knows that is the language that you testify the most powerfully in" that has always stuck with me and helped me a lot! I love this work and I love the Spanish language and I'm so grateful that I get to speak it all day everyday.

This week Hermana S is going home and I will miss her so much! I'm not getting transferred (SOOO HAPPY) and I will be with my other companion still, Hermana R which was just what we were expecting and wanting. it will be different but I'm excited that I don't have to leave here just yet. I love it.

have such a great week this week! say your prayers!

Hermana Garner

at district meeting this week! I love my district!

this is A. she is from Mexico City pretty much exactly where I lived! she is visiting her family here who is in our ward. she said "mi amor" 74 times during dinner..we kept a tally. that is how sweet she is. we were eating pazole (one of my favorite Mexican dishes) and she gave me us aprons because we kept on spilling on ourselves and mine was mrs. clause!

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