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2/8/16 - Never want to leave

hola! como estan? espero que esten bien y felizes!!

this week was so good but SOOO busy. we didn't have a ton of time to visit people we wanted to but it was still great.

Robbins family in Utah-thank you SOOOO much for those letters! you guys are the best and I loved all of the little pictures. it made me so happy! love and miss you guys!

probably the most exciting thing that is happening is O’s baptism tomorrow! He told his wife on Wednesday right before we came over that he was getting baptized and you can imagine what mood she was in when we saw her. yesterday in church it was announced in relief society. it was super funny. I was walking up to play the piano and I just heard every lady gasp and I knew that Hermana P told everyone. the bishop announced it at the pulpit. just guessing that everyone from the ward and their mom will be there and that couldn't make us more excited as missionaries. it will be great. Hermana P is figuring food and everything out today and we are gonna help her. it will be such a great day! We put the picture of them in the car in a frame and we are going to give it to them for their anniversary/baptism gift. We love them! On sunday I asked Hermana p how she felt and if she was excited and she just looked at me and said, "I am so happy. The Lord really knew what he was doing." she has one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. pictures to come next week with their family!

R is doing SOOO well! We love him so much. We are so excited to go to the temple with him this Saturday, F is going too! (his brother) We go to soccer every Friday night and we went with R in his super sweet mustang. Let's just say missionaries don't have that much fun on a mission usually. haha. but he got his temple recommend and we are so proud of him! we went over the other night to teach him and to get family names so we can print them and have them ready for Saturday. we were there when he called his family in Guatemala and it was the sweetest thing. especially when he was talking to his mom, it made me cry.

something I learned this week is that ALL of the Hispanic people I know here are all away from their family. most of them are here illegally and the story of how they got here is amazing. they hide in trunks, swim across rivers, everything. im not going into politics and legal stuff but they sacrificed so much to get here so they could work for their family. it is amazing and they are the hardest workers I know.

This week in English class we talked about families and it was super funny. we were saying like "I have two sisters!" and "I have a son!" and everything and it was a guy in my group's turn and he said "I have 11 brothers and 7 sisters!" and I said " many siblings do you have?" thinking he didn't understand or something. he said again "I have 11 brothers and 7 sisters!" HIS FAMILY HAS 19 KIDS. he was completely serious and my whole group just laughed and laughed at how I thought he didn't understand the question. it was super funny and now hes my Guatemalan best friend.

On Wednesday we do service at a local Methodist church! We help plant a garden! it is so fun! this lady named Aly is in charge and just loves the missionaries. on Wednesday we planted cabbage and lettuce and "fixed" the beds. (I know there is a special gardening term for that...) It was super fun and she gave us all cook books because someone was complaining on how they gain a ton of weight on the mission. hahaha.

We had a new missionary meeting on Thursday where we had a training on the Atonement. It was mind-blowing. study the scriptures but REALLY think about what you are reading, especially about the Atonement. I learned so many cool things. repentance is such a real thing!

One day this week we went to a lady named F's house. She owns a tire shop. She is in the middle of going through a divorce with her husband because he wasn't faithful. She has 3 amazingly cute, little daughters and her son just left on a mission. She is always super stressed and has a hard time sometimes. We can't do a whole lot with her situation but we visited her at her house the night after her son left. We shared D&C 31 with her and how her family will be blessed because of his mission. she started crying (she is super quiet and shy) and her oldest daughter did too. it was such a cool night but I know it really helped them. keep them in your prayers!

We ate with a super old Mexican lady on Saturday for lunch and it really made me miss Mexico and everything about it. it was especially funny because Mexicans serve you SO much food but here that doesn't exist all the time. but we went to her house and I usually don't ask for seconds anyway (just because I usually can't eat it all because I'm full) but she said "Do you want some more beans?" I said "sure!" she serves me about 6 spoon fulls of beans and then brings me a huge piece of meat that I didn't even ask for! hahahah this little old lady sure does love her food. I was a full girl that day.

Yesterday at church I was sitting down in the pew after it ended and little G (remember last email...the one with autism) comes up to me and gives me the biggest hug. it was the sweetest thing! we are bffs now because I played hot wheels with him for like an hour one day. but he just kept on giving me hug after hug and his mom was loving it. definitely a little blessing on my sticky note in my planner that day! I will try to get a picture with him this next week!

thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers! this work is hard, but it is so good. I'm so lucky to be a part of it at this specific time. I love the Lord and I love learning new things about Him every single day. I love my area more than I ever thought I would. I never want to leave here, I will be devastated when I do. I am already in love with the people and my branch!

Hermana Garner

 Biking!! I love it!!
 My donut-loving friend!

so pretty much everywhere we go is far away from home. so everyday we have to take a ton of stuff with us like lunch, study stuff, clothes, etc. this morning we were on our way to a service project (the garden) and I had my pancake in one hand, and Hermana reeders straightener in another and clothes in a bag. hahaha. it is pretty funny

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