Monday, March 21, 2016

3/14/16 - 6 short months

well....I have officially been a missionary for 6 months! I am a third of the way done with my is crazy to think about! oh and how we are already halfway done with March? where is the time going? its FLYING!

A lot of people have asked me how the weather is here. it is a lot like Missouri, in that it can change so drastically in so little time. but we had some fun thunderstorms this week and it was 85 degrees and sunny yesterday. after we got home last p-day, we were getting our mail and a lady said "you guys better stay inside for the next 3 days because it is supposed to storm like crazy! DONT TRAVEL!" we agreed that we would to her and walked a little further and we said to each other "yeah.....that's not going to happen......we are missionaries" hahah. but thanks lady! she was nice. but the storms weren't terrible. it rained/stormed for about 4 days straight. nothing too exciting. but it really does feel like summer here already. the air at night is my favorite...everybody is outside and all of the windows are open. I love it!

DIET TIME! because Hermana R is going home next transfer, she decided that she wants to lose 20 pounds before she goes I am doing it with her. why not? don't we all have some extra-ness? but we are eating super clean and running 2 miles every morning! we feel awesome and our days are so much better because we have a lot more energy!

L is always. He is just growing and growing and growing. He came to church yesterday and every member has told us that he is great. some new people have asked him "how long have you been a member?" and he doesn't know how to respond because he isn't yet.....haha. but O brings him every Sunday and when we teach L, we try to bring a different member with us every time so he can meet new people. One time this week (the rainy time) we went to teach him. We can't teach him inside because there is only the two of us so we have to sit outside. but this day it was barely sprinkling/misting so we weren't worried. but as the lesson went on, it rained harder and harder. by the end it was pouring and Leopoldo felt SO bad! so what did he give us? some fruit. #Ilovehispanics but I have a lot of pictures of the aftermath. but that lesson we just read in the Book of Mormon with him. last night we went over to his house with Hermano and Hermana Hernandez. Hno. Hernandez is in the bishopric and Hermana Hernandez is like our mom in the mission. We always eat with them on Sundays and they said they would love to come with us to his appointment. So they went and it was SO inspired that they went. Hermana Hernandez changed everyone's life in the room with her testimony. They really helped L and we think L feels really loved. so many members are showing their love with him and making sure he knows that they are there for them. most members in our branch are converts so they can relate to our investigators really well! go with the missionaries! they need you and your testimonies!

Because the #hallelujah video just came out, we have been trying to find like crazy! the video is SO powerful, I love it. (You can watch it here – it’s only 3 minutes long! )we received 500 pass-along cards to give out. we don't have a very big teaching pool so we are trying to find people to teach right now. share the video on your facebook page with your testimony! you never know the hearts you will touch!

this week I have thought about a lot of things and realized a lot. one of the biggest things was about the sacrament. I don't know if I have mentioned this or not, but on Saturdays we have a specific study that we do called "sacrament study" and it is only for a half an hour. we pick one thing we want to do better for the week or one thing we want to repent of. for example: pride, relying on the Savior more, daily repentence, etc. we study about that subject, make a plan and then we discuss it with the Lord and ask for His help. it is my FAVORITE thing I do on Saturday's. but we do it because every Sunday when we take the sacrament, we are renewing our baptismal covenants. we become clean every single week. before my mission, I would go to church because I am social. don't get me wrong, I LOVED learning about the things of the gospel and feeling the Spirit, but I didn't realize that we go to church to be clean from our sins every week. we promise the Lord that we will keep his commandments and always remember Him and He has promised us the Holy Ghost, a member of the literal Godhead. I think we get the better end of that deal, because He loves us THAT much! go to church next sunday with a different desire in your heart. now with the knowledge that I have of the sacrament, I can't wait to take it and be clean to start over with the new week. I love covenants! (Hermana savage always said that)

also we had zone meeting this week which was amazing. President Hall is really motivated to do the work right now. he is always motivated but he is in the zone right now. he motivated us SO much this week and we set some really high goals because we want to work harder. I loved what he said. He said being on a mission really helps you prepare for life in so many ways and one of these ways is setting goals. he told us about how he is an Ironman and how much training and goal-setting it takes every single day. he told us that as we set goals in the mission, we are getting good practice for our life. if we want to achieve something we have a vision, set goals and make a plan! he also went on to explain that Heavenly Father is the best goal setter on the Earth! look at the Plan of Salvation! starting from moses 1:39 and on. President Hall said "Heavenly Father rocks at goal-setting! and we want to be like Him right??" he really motivated me! I love him!

I hope you all have a good week this week. thank you always for the support and love! love you all so much!

Hermana Garner

this is Guillermo's family! they are one of my favorite families here. they wanted to take a picture with me on Sunday randomly....haha so here they are!
all of the sister in my zone went out to Chipotle for lunch after the zone meeting!

I love my companion!

JADE LOVED ME AGAIN! I'm telling you this is a legit miracle. this was right after we did service!
in the parking lot outside of Leopoldo’s apartment!! With the fruit he gave us!!

after the lesson we went to a members house to eat and she took all of our clothes, gave us new ones,
put our wet clothes in the dryer and after we put on our warm clothes and went out again. but it looks like I peed my skirt here! its water I promise.

after the rainy lesson!!

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