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10/17/16 - Saving lives

hello friends and family! it is finally beginning to feel like a little bit of fall here in Texas. But dont worry, we are already listening to Christmas music with the  windows down..haha.

this week was amazing and this weekend was one of the best weekends of my entire mission. it changed me!

in the beginning of the week, we took out Hna. Regalado, mi abuelita (my grandma), to visit some people including an older lady who is the mom of a member in the branch. she is super nice and reminds me of my grandma! her name is Manuela so prayers that we will be able to start teaching her!

we got a call this week from the retirement home that we do service at sometimes saying that someone wanted to meet with the Mormon missionaries. so we went over and met a legend. this guy has been a member his whole life and went on about 3 missions when he was younger. he went to BYU and was in the marching band and Elder Packer and him were apparently best friends. he was such a humble man and he loved that we came to see him. he asked us to sing "sweet hour of prayer" and so we did. he started to cry and looked me in the eye and said "the gospel is the most precious thing I own" it was amazing and humbling to meet  him. he wants to go to church so we are trying to find a ride for him to go next week. he said he just wants to take the sacrament so bad. His name is David Freeman and changed my perspective on a lot of things. 

on Thursday we went to the temple with the elders in our district and Hna. Mederos and the timing was perfect. I needed the peace of the temple. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it. There is something about going to the temple with members you have fallen in love with. It is so special and every temple worker thought Hna. Mederos was our convert...haha. It was such a happy day!

Friday we had an AWESOME companionship study with Sis. Hall and then a meeting with some missionaries in our zone with Pres. Hall. It was JUST what I needed to hear. He is sooo motivating and makes me want to be such a better missionary. I am so thankful for him! That day we took everything he taught us and went out and found some people! I love talking to people on the street, it is so fun! whether the answer is yes or no! that night we had dinner with la familia Esquivel and they are the best. the husband is less-active and is Tomasa's son. but he cooked the whole meal for us and was super happy to have us over. we talked about how they could do more missionary work and hermana told us that she was thinking a lot about the sacrament this week and how she wants to share it with her friends at work. so we role-played it with her and she said she would talk to someone. we came up with a super good lesson for members about missionary work and now we are on fire!! its awesome!

Saturday. oh man where do I start. here is an excerpt from my journal:
"Today was such an interesting day. We served so many people that we didn't even expect to see at all today. It is amazing how the Lord puts people in our path everyday and I'm so grateful and humbled to be that tool. So here is what happened. This morning we went and did a service project at a local nature park. We planted and dug and enjoyed the fresh air. They were so thankful for how hard we worked and how honest and positive we are. They said they have always liked when LDS groups come and help them. We got home and got ready and we were doing studies when Hna. Regalado calls us. She sounds like she is literally dying and needs us to take her to the hospital. We got to her apartment and she was frozen still, sweating like crazy. We help her up, into the car and we are off to the hospital. This little lady that was dancing and cracking jokes the day before is now our greatest responsibility. We got her to the hospital and she just collapsed on the bed. I sent a couple texts to Hna. Mederos and Presidente and the next thing I know I was translating medical terms from the doctor into Spanish. Where those words came from, I have no idea, but I was that perfect tool in that moment. As she got settled and relaxed, Hna. Mederos and her husband show up. MY MISSION MOM. We told her what happened and she was more than grateful for us. Time passed and we found ourselves talking to Hno. Mederos outside for a good 20 minutes. This guy used to be branch  president, branch mission leader and the priesthood leader of his family. And now? He is completely inactive and no one knows why. We sat there and talked about life and Mexico for about an hour and then Hna. Mederos walks out and sees her husband talking to the missionaries. You can imagine her face. We switched so Hna. McAdams and I could go in and see Hna. Regalado. She sipped some gatorade, turned over and started to snore the loudest grandma snore possible. She was okay. We sat down and looked at our phone and there was a text from Hna. Mederos that said "Come out, we are taking you out to dinner" So we left our little grandma snoring away to go eat dinner. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant and Hno. Mederos loved showing us what to eat and how to eat it. He had such a different light and we could see it, especially Hna. Mederos. She was glowing. We laughed all the way through dinner and also felt the Spirit with some of the experiences shared. They dropped us off at the hospital and they were off. Hna. Regalado thankfully went home that day and received a priesthood blessing from Presidente and his son. After we got home, we called President Hall to fill him in on all of the rules we broke with that experience. He was full of gratitude for how we saved this lady's life, but little did he know we actually saved someone else's that day. The next day was Sunday and when I looked at the little Brazos congregation from the piano, there he was, Hno. Mederos, with his white shirt and tie, sitting next to his sweet wife, listening. After years of not coming to church, he was able to take the Sacrament and renew his covenants with Heavenly Father. I will never forget this experience. After church, he got a hold of me and said with a smile, "What are you doing for Thanksgiving dinner?" it is so amazing to be the Lord's tool right in bringing others closer to Him. 

yesterday we had SO many people at church, it felt like Christmas! our new investigator, Luis came which was exciting! Hna. Avila who is coming back to church came! A new family that just moved in came with their parents who aren't members, Hna. Ortiz (Kayla's mom) came!!!!!!!! with her nephew. Kayla was sick but it has been too long since she has been to church. And when they walked in, her fellow-shipper/friend stood up to give the amazing talk that she did. The Lord's timing is incredible and I'm so lucky to be here. We are finally seeing the blessings of our efforts recently. I never want to leave! 
Hermana Garner

me and my grandma (Hna Regalado)!!!
it was a sunny day.
my district!
Hna. Mederos

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