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10/24/16 - Stained-glass and translating

hello family and friends!!! hope all of you guys had a good week!

this week was an interesting one! we didn't find anyone new which is sad, but we are going to find more people this week.

we started off this week with a stained-glass project at Elder Embody's house. He is a senior missionary who helps the mission with moving and stuff and he lives in Rosenberg! So he invited us over to do a stained-glass project and it was so fun and interesting! such a cool hobby!

we had interviews this week with President and it was amazing. I always learn so much from him and Sis. Hall. They are amazing and I'm so lucky to have them!

The Ortiz (Kayla’s) family. We met with them a lot this week and things are okay. We had 2 really good lessons with her and she really opened up to us and told us of her desire to be baptized. Her family said they were coming to church but they didnt come. The branch even had a whole party for their family and they didn't show up until the party was over. Sad. But tonight we are asking her to tell us when she wants to get baptized instead of us inviting her to get baptized on a certain date. We went to their house for dinner last night with more of their extended family and it was fun. We are slowly gaining their trust which is good. The members are also trying to visit them as much as they can! It is a slow process, but we know she will get baptized soon. 

The most powerful experience this week was this. We had exchanges this week and I had to translate a Relief Society (Sunday meeting for women) meeting all by myself. But the hard thing was that some of the ladies were fighting/yelling/ I had to translate that to this cute American who got called to this branch to help. It was super hard. This lady in the presidency basically thought that she couldn’t do her calling (Each member of our church receive an assignment to fulfill at church. You might be asked to teach the younger kids, teach youth, help with the young children in nursery, help with scouts, etc. We call this job a calling.) She thought that the president "picked the wrong lady" and she cant do her calling. She was the one who was crying and frustrated at everyone (Hispanic drama). After the meeting, I hugged her, pulled her aside and opened my scriptures to Ether 12:27 (And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them). I had her read it to herself and she just started bawling even more It was a humbling experience for her definitely and she committed to me that she would pray for more strength to overcome her weaknesses. Every single calling is important and that is what the Lord wants us to do!!!!

We visited Tomasa this week just to see how she is doing and she is doing okay. She was in the hospital for a little bit recently because her old, little body is just getting tired, she says. Hna. Regalado lifted her spirit and told her she loved her and it was a powerful lesson on faith. 

We didn't have a huge miracle sunday like last sunday, but we definitely saw tender mercies all throughout the week. We are trying to find more people to teach and trying to get the members to help us with that. It is the best way! This week in my studies I have been studying how God shows His love to His people. A lot of people we meet ask us why God punishes them or why they have trials if God loves them. The word "castigar" is used a lot in spanish and it means to "chastise" so I looked up the word "chasten" in the "guide to the scriptures" and it says "Correction or discipline given to individuals or groups in order to help them improve or become stronger." Trials make us stronger and help us improve!!! They are for our benefit and I am a strong believer of that. 

thank you for all of your support and love! have such a good week! remember to say your prayers and be grateful for every single thing we have.
love you all!

Hermana Garner

exchanges! love hna. callister!
hna. regalado and her "mama pear and baby pear" it is as big as her head!!! crazy lady

my area!
Stained glass time!

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