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11/28/16 - #ILUMINAelMUNDO

a big HELLOOO to all the people I love!! how are we? hope your thanksgiving was great and spent with the people that are closest to you. hopefully black friday wasn't too crazy because we have the opposite feelings of thanksgiving ;)

this week was good and FULL of service and member missionary work. we can smell christmas in the air and we couldn't be more excited! the christmas lights are going up and christmas hymns are being sung at church! my FAVORITE time of year is here!

I am just going to go day by day here!
Monday something super exciting happened! Our investigator, Jose, accepted a date to be baptized for Dec. 23! we are so excited for him and he is definitely looking forward to it and the process of drawing nearer to Christ…that is what he told us. he was a little hesitant accepting the date because he doesn't feel ready and he feels like he needs to know more (which is all true) but we printed him off a calendar so it is more planned and he doesn't feel as nervous. His wife finally participated in the lesson and so hopefully she will be able to baptized with him as well! we will see. keep them in your prayers!

Tuesday included reading the Book of Mormon to Hna. Aguilar and taking out Hna. Regalado to visit Hna. Paz, a less-active. After we visited her, Hna. Regalado took us out to dinner and decided to order all of the food she loves on the menu, so we were completely stuffed. after that we decided to clean out our phone a little bit and call the people who we don't know. I made Hna. McAdams do most of it to practice her spanish and it was pretty fun.

Wednesday was an awesome day! It made me so happy! Hna. Regalado told us that she has an extra christmas tree and wanted us to see who could use it this season. So we went around to all of the old ladies in the branch and asked. One of them didn't have a tree so a few days later we went with Hna. Regalado and dropped it off with decorations and stuff. Hna. Regalado has the biggest heart I know! That day we were in Tomasa's neighborhood visiting some referrals and we went and stopped by her house to see how she was. She was SO happy to see us. We ended up going through a ton of her old pictures of her and her family, she was beaming. She was smiling the whole time, we shared a little message, said a prayer and she invited us over for dinner next week. we love and miss her! that night we went to English class and it turned into a choir practice because we our branch is doing a part in a christmas program soon. it is a super fun song and we all stood in a circle in the gym with the music blasting trying to learn this song. it made me so happy! I love these people! The Barrios family came and they were belting the song and the other couple who comes to english class (nonmembers) participated too. it was just fun.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!! In the morning, we went and gave our branch president, Presidente Solis a gratitude letter for everything he does in the branch. His face was priceless as he was reading the letter with our broken spanish but he really appreciated it. We had Thanksgiving with the Centeno family. They have a huge house, one of those houses where you question if people really live there because you are afraid to touch something. But it was the yummiest HAM thanksgiving dinner and they are so nice! It was very relaxing and it made us happy, so it was good.

Friday was a good day! In the morning we went over to the Solis family and did a bunch of service! We cleaned up outside (leafs, wash car…) and we helped set up their christmas tree with christmas music and all. after that, we had some of her famous tamales and platanos fritos. my fav. we have gotten super close to their family lately. hermana (mama) always calls me "mija" (daughter) and it makes me happy, especially during the holidays where I already miss my family! that day we also saw a less-active we haven't been able to see in a while so that was good.

Saturday was a day FULL of service. We helped Hna. Regalado with her christmas tree and decorations for literally 5 hours!!! It was super long but we were happy to do it. We wrapped her door with wrapping paper, put up lights and ornaments on the tree and helped her cut out some cool snowflakes. while we were there, Hna. Aguilar calls us and asks us if we can help her set up her tree so after Hna. Regalado we go over to Hna. Aguilar and us and her cute little granddaughter set up the tree together.

Sunday, we ate a super yummy breakfast with an hermana in the branch from Argentina. She never lets people in her house because her daughter is super anti. But she invited us over and it was wonderful! She has such a strong testimony and her life story is amazing. She L O V E D having us over…she was so happy. We are finally getting the trust of different members and it is amazing to see!

This week the #lighttheworld or #iluminaelmundo (in spanish) campaign came out and we have been LOVING IT. we have shared it with sooooo many people. it is an amazing video and is has been my favorite thing this week to watch people watch the video. you can just see how it changes the atmosphere in the room, watching Christ and acts of service in the video. it is incredible! please share that video with everyone you know! we are going to do the calendar, 25 days of service and I am going to try to take a picture every single day of some service we are doing! it will be fun, lets do it together! send me pictures of that next week!

I gave a talk in church yesterday about how if we really understand the Atonement, we will want to share the gospel with every single person we know. If we have really experienced the effects of the Atonement, we will have the strongest desire for everyone to enjoy that too. Can you imagine our lives without Jesus Christ? There are people that don't know He even exists and don't know that He died for them. Please be a light this Christmas season and let us help our brother and sisters come more unto Him!

Hermana Garner 

the wednesday night crew.(For English lessons and apparently – singing!)
hna. regalado is the cutest lady! I loved her santa hat!
Hna. Regalado pulled Hna. Solis aside and just told her she loved her a million times and I got a shot of it.
my mama and grandma here in Rosenberg. my favorite people!
I got stuck under the Solis tree and it took me about 10 minutes to get out. yep.

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