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12/19/16 - Christmas miracles

hello friends and family! this week was a special one and filled with many miracles. this time of year is precious for missionaries because people have soft hearts and are willing to follow the Savior more.

it is also super cold 37 degrees the other day when we got in our car! scarfs and winter coats are a must now!

we started this week with such an amazing moment. we went over to go visit Kayla but she was still sick. so we started talking to Hermana Ortiz and she was like "Let's go visit my friend!" so we get in her car and go to visit her neighbor who is really struggling. she has sons that are super into drugs and are in hospitals because of it, she is going through a divorce, a bunch of hard stuff. so we went over and shared a quick lesson with her and helped to comfort her a lot. we are planning on helping her clean her house a little bit tomorrow because her sons are coming home for christmas. she was an interesting lady so we will see how it goes with her. after the lesson, we get in the car and Hermana Ortiz says "Do you have time to drive around with me and see christmas lights?" we say "YES!" so we drive around her neighborhood and look at the beautiful lights with this lady we have grown to love so much. we laughed SOOO hard because she wanted us to take videos of the different houses and things, her trunk was open the whole time, it was just a blast. we got to her house again and it was about 9:15 and she started to walk inside and we said "Hermana! we have to get going!" and she said "you are leaving already?" the relationship that we have formed with her is incredible and soooo different from when I first got here. we enjoy being with each other and she really trust us. she also asked us if we could help her clean one of their houses in Sugarland so they could put it up for sale again. so we went on Saturday morning with all of the missionaries in our district and helped their family with that. they were so so grateful. we are best friends with their family and she wants us to come over this week so we can learn how to make these special tortillas! the Ortiz family is a family that I will be in contact with forever!

Hna. Regalado is my little grandma and she said the sweetest thing at our dinner together on Wednesday. we were all sitting on the couch and she said "Hermanas, could you take me to Macy's?" we said "Why, whats up?" (we cant take members any other places but to lessons) she said "Well, I need Hermana Garner to come especially because I want to buy her new shoes" (I have a pair of shoes that I wear all the time that are falling apart with holes and everything) sweetest lady ever! I love her sooo sooooo much!

On Thursday we were on our way to the church, we turned a corner and I saw a little 10-year old boy walking with his backpack with shorts on in the freezing cold, limping and it looked like he wanted to cry. I told Hermana McAdams to pull over so we could talk to him. So we did! I got out of the car and said "Hey bud! We aren't scary, we are your missionaries in this area! Are you walking home?" he said yes. I said "How much longer do you have and what happened to your ankle?" he told me a trailer park where he lived and it was sooooo far away (5 miles) and he said he really hurt his ankle in gym that day. I said "is your mom coming to get you?" and he said "I don't know...probably not" So I gave him our phone to call his mom. He called her and she came and picked him up and the little kid was so so grateful. We gave them a #lighttheworld card and they were off. I got a picture of him! I will never forget them! God places us in such specific places sometimes!

On Friday, we had a lesson with Jose. He is doing so so well! He is listening to the Book of Mormon on his phone and went to church again on Sunday! He is awesome! He still hasn't gotten his answer that it is all true yet, but he has such a strong desire! We had an awesome lesson with him and cool member, Hno. Vanegas! He shared his conversion story and got emotional, the spirit was so strong! Jose explained that he has never felt anything like this before but he is wanting to. prayers for him!

Saturday we had a little fiesta in the branch for Christmas at un rancho! it was fun and we enjoyed talking a walk with Hna. Castro and Hna. Regalado around the country after that while the sun was setting! I love these people!

yesterday was the Christmas Conference and it was amazing! We had a really neat program in the beginning, I played the piano, an elder played the organ and another elder played the violin and the congregation sang Away in a Manger! we watched Finding Dory, had an interesting talent show, ate really good food and saw so many people! It was fun to see the Kemah hermanas and see how everyone is doing. Oscar is going to the temple in February for the first time so I get to go to that. I am so excited!

Well, my companion and I decided to open all of our presents before Christmas so we could really focus on the Savior on christmas morning. We want to read talks, scriptures, testimonies and everything about our Brother and Savior of the World because we will never be able to again in our life! I know He lives and loves each of us so personally. I know He thought of you and me as He was suffering in the Garden and on the cross and the amazing thing is that He lives today. I love Him so much and it is such an honor to have His name on my chest everyday. Merry Christmas and remember why we celebrate it.
love you all and thank you sooooo much for your christmas packages and cards! I have felt so loved!

Hermana Garner 

delivering left over cookies from a service project to members!

driving around with Hna. Ortiz looking at christmas lights! she is the best.
here is a picture of our new friend this week holding the Light the World card!
opening up presents last night!

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