Thursday, January 5, 2017

9/12/16 - Feelings of peace

heyyy family and friends!! hope everyone is good and happy!

this week was a fun one! filled with a lot of work and love.

so we started the week with that same cute Hermana, singing Grande Eres Tu and writing her son for the last time because he comes home this week! she is so excited. the smile she gets when we ask her if she wants us to sing is one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen and it just makes my heart happy. also, on Saturday we cleaned her whole apartment with some other hermanas in the Relief Society. she is blind and in a wheelchair, you can imagine how dirty that place was. but it was cool to see all of us come together and help her so her son can come home to something nice. I love helping people!

That same day, we visited Tomasa. she is still the cuuuutest! we brought Hermana Regalado again and she did awesome........again. it is so great to have the members with us and I love how they befriend our investigators. it just makes the process so much easier. after we taught Tomasa, we went to our growing English class and Hermana Regalado wanted to go! (she already knows English) but we were practicing the phrase "I am" and saying where we lived, how old we were and the basic stuff. It was Hermana Regalado's turn and she stands up and says "I am a beautiful women, I am smart and I am funny" hahahah I just love my old ladies.

so the next day it was pouring rain and we weren't having any luck with the people we were trying to visit. so we were sitting in the car, planning how we were going to talk to this one person when we get a text. It is from Kayla saying she wants us to come over today! We haven't been able to contact her in weeks and it has been super sad. But we raced over there and asked her how she feels about baptism and she said she feels awesome and is excited. It was such a tender mercy and showed that Heavenly Father looks out for us.

Tomasa is doing great! she is reading in the Book of Mormon and loving it! we are going over today to teach her with the Relief Society President and another Hermana because Tomasa is a super good cook and they are going to get her to teach all of the hermanas something in an activity or something! we are super excited to get her involved with the hermanas, she needs a lot of support. she doesn't really like her husband/boyfriend/person..haha. she is doing good but keep her in your prayers! satan is still strong!

the most interesting experience this week. so we went to go visit a less-active, Hna. Paz. we walked in and she was there with her husband/boyfriend and his friend and then a member old lady. they were all eating and so she gave us food and we started eating too! we were all talking super relaxed and then they start on the topic of religion. one of the guys is drinking and a little tipsy. he starts going on and on about how God doesn't exist because we have hard things in our life. he was confused about why children in Africa are starving and why God lets that happen...all that stuff. it got to the point where everyone was yelling and arguing in the room and Hermana Anderson and I were just sitting at the dinner table, silent and listening. Hermana Anderson looked scared out of her MIND. but I just sat there listening to them argue. The member old lady was killing it though! she was defending our church super well, I was proud. but not of the yelling. it was all just super uncomfortable. During the midst of the yelling and arguing, I just raised my hand. I had my hand up in the hair for about 10 seconds before everyone stopped. As soon as it was quiet, I bore my testimony about trials. And how God gives us all trials at different times in our lives. It is an example of His love for us. No food, a death in the family, a lost job, any trial we have is because God loves us and He wants us to learn. The words out of mouth were from my heart but they came out through the Spirit. After I finished, they all kind of just sat there thinking. They all started talking again about it and we shared a scripture with the less-active and got out of there. It was a cool experience but crazy too...

I hit my year mark this week on my mission! time is flying. But something that I have come to learn on my mission is the peace I feel about my beliefs and about the Gospel. I have had a lot of experiences on my mission where people have yelled in my face, slammed the door in my face, they have said "we aren't coming to the door!" before we even knocked on it, they have been rude and disrespectful but the peace that I still feel after that happens is incredible. Knowing that I am living the way Heavenly Father wants me to live is enough. Knowing that what I am doing right now is changing the lives of others and changing mine as well. The feeling of peace in my heart that I get listening to people yell and argue about the Book of Mormon, knowing that no one will ever change my testimony. I love this Gospel and I'm so lucky and happy I get to teach it everyday! It is really hard sometimes and it is going super quick. I love the Lord and I receive His divine help every single moment and I'm so grateful for that.

Hermana Garner

the beautiful sky here. it never disappoints!
this sunset we were literally chasing in the car!

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