Thursday, January 5, 2017

8/22/16 - Beautiful brazos

hheeellllooooo from the little town of Rosenburg Texas!! this place is all farmland and fields! super different from Kemah...but I love it! my area is pretty much ALL Hispanics which is awesome..there is so much work to do here and I'm more than ready!

saying goodbye to Kemah was bittersweet, but mostly bitter and hard..haha. On Monday night Favio wanted to read the scriptures with us so we went to Panera and drank hot chocolate and read the Book of Mormon with the rain comin down. It was so relaxing and he really opened up to us about why he is holding off on his mission (we have been trying to help prepare him) and he said its just super hard to be so far away from his family (in Guatemala). We ended up telling a Panera worker about what we were reading and she seemed super interested and wanted a copy! so thats cool! The Lord puts certain people in our paths all the time.

On tuesday, my beloved English class and I had to part our ways. I will miss all of my little Guatemalans. They are the cutest and will be fluent in English one day! 

Wednesday was transfers! My new companion is Hermana Anderson! She is from a little town in Idaho and has a family of 13! she just finished being trained here so she is still a verdecita (greenie) and getting to know the area! she is a little shy so we are getting to know the members/the area/everything together! she has a really sweet Spirit and I already love her! 

so this area has struggled for months to find and teach people. super different from my last area. but my third day here we committed someone to a baptismal date! Her name is Kayla. She is the daughter of a less-active family who is in the process of being reactivated. she is 15 and the coolest! we are super excited for her! apparently the missionaries have been teaching her for a while and never thought to ask her to be I did on friday and she accepted! it was a really cool experience though! we didnt have an appointment with her, we just decided to try her! so we are knocking on the door and no one is answering. we were just about to turn around when her cousin comes up to the door from walking around the neighborhood with his girlfriend and opens the door! and Kayla was actually home! first miracle. then we taught the whole lesson in English and I invited her to be baptized in english! I have never done that before but that morning we had district meeting and we actually practiced doing the baptism invitation in English! so I wasnt stumbling over my words too bad! second miracle. I love the Lord and His ways.

so I got here and we aren't doing any service opportunities!!! so sad! so we went out scouting one day and guess where we ended up......A RETIREMENT HOME! sooo we are going to play the piano for the oldies once a week! my companion is super good on the piano so it will be so fun! 

our branch is SO tiny! about 40 people go to church on a good week! our branch President is Presidente Solis and he is awesome! he buys us pupusas (a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla and usually prepared with a variety of fillings like meat, beans, cheese) every saturday and he is a super good branch president! im excited to work with him! 

this week we have just been trying to find people to teach. walking around everywhere and talking to everyone we see! there was one day when we went to this nicer neighborhood and we got rejected more in 10 minutes than Hna. Anderson has in her whole mission. And they werent very nice about it either, so that was discouraging. But we also found a lot of people in this trailer park that seem super interested! we are excited because they are families and not single men like my last area :)

funny little thing. so there is a town in my zone called Missouri City! so cool! haha. but at church when I had to introduce myself in meetings or something I said I was from Missouri and everyone thought I was from the little town next to us. hahaha. I am also telling people that I am from Mexico City and it is the best thing ever. I am convinced that is one of the many reasons why I went to Mexico before Texas, so I could connect with people here. I have already connected with people here and I love them. There are no words to describe the love you have as a missionary. it is amazing and I feel so lucky to be with these people! 

I am still getting used to being in the hardcore country! there are so many times when we will be talking to people on the street and a train comes by and we cant hear each other for the next 4 minutes. every missionary here says that Satan drives those trains. hahaha. also it has been raining a ton so the mosquitoes and I have become good good friends!

It has been a hard week because change is always hard, but I have also learned a ton about myself and about the Lord. Every change that happens on the mission or in life is part of our plan. God's plan for us is perfect! I know I am supposed to be here in Brazos at this time in my life with this companion and branch of mine. It is hard to realize sometimes, but I testify that we are in the exact places we need to be with the people we are supposed to be with. God knows us and already has blessings for us. We just have to try our best with everything we do and remember Him so we can receive those blessings. Try your best this week to remember him! Alma 37:36 (Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever). is an awesome scripture to ponder this week about that. 

love you all so much!!
Hermana Garner

p.s. Hna. Anderson can cook super well so I feel like a princess!
welcome to the country!!!!
p.s.s. it has been raining all week long and today it got down to 79 degrees and I had to put a sweater on. Texas is ruining me! haha

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