Thursday, January 5, 2017

7/5/16 - More Kemah

HOLA! voy a quedar aqui en Kemah por seis semanas mas!!

hello! I am going to stay here in Kemah for six more weeks! (transfers are this week) I'm happy I am staying but I am pretty sure this is my last transfer here. I have been here since January! crazy!
this week was an awesome one with a lot of success and miracles!
we tried to take out different members of our branch this week and we saw such a difference in our lessons and the Spirit that was felt. please go out with the missionaries!!!!!!!!!
the best part of the week was that on Saturday we got to go to the temple!! Jorge, a recent convert that we have been working with, went for the first time and was baptized for his grandpa! it was such a cool experience. also, the Peraltas went so Oscar was there. so cool. I brought some family names to do and Oscar and Jorge did some of mine and Pres. Allred baptized me. family history work is incredible and I wish I did it more before my mission. after we walked out of the temple, Jorge asked, "So when are we going again?" he loved it.
all of our investigators are reading in the Book of Mormon! they are all progressing! I have never had that happen before in my mission, it feels good.
this week we read 2 Nephi 31 with Yosdel and also talked about the Sacrament with Hermana Campo (the flight attendant Columbian). they got along suuuper well and the lesson was awesome. Yosdel loved the idea of how we can become clean every week and is planning on coming to church next week with her whole family! every time we go over there for a lesson she gives us this amazing mexican food, she is such a good cook. we went over one morning and she made arroz con leche--TO DIE FOR. I need to be Hispanic.
we took President Allred to a lesson with us and it was super interesting. the guy's name is Jose and he is an alcoholic. President Allred was super spiritual and Jose was crying because he has cancer and is confused on if God loves him or not. it was super powerful. we are so lucky to have the knowledge that we have a loving Heavenly Father who will never ever stop loving us, no matter what we do or who we are.
one day this week we were close to the familia Ayala's house. she is american and married one of the branch counselor's. she has 6 crazy boys. so we just stopped by and cleaned her whole kitchen, talked to her and shared a message and she said she couldnt have appreciated us more. the Spirit led us to her house that day.
IT RAINED. it rained a lot this week, to the point where we would walk from an appointment to our car and would be soaked already. so we decided to play in it for like 10 minutes to come!
Elba and Anyeli are doin awesome. they didnt come to church because they slept in.....but they are reading in the Book of Mormon! yesterday we went over and taught Ruben, Elba's brother (also an investigator) and he also read in the Book of Mormon! it was funny yesterday Elba basically invited us to sleep over at their house that night...that is how much they love us! hahaaha. we always laugh together and she shares her feelings about the gospel and Christ. this week we are hoping she will accept a date to be baptized and her, her daughter and brother can all be baptized this transfer.
I have learned throughout my mission and especially this week that the people we teach will never progress in the gospel if they dont read the Book of Mormon. it is impossible to progress without it. it brings so much joy into my life and I want that for everyone I teach! I am going to finish it this week and start another blank copy. email me what you have learned from the Book of Mormon recently!
I can't wait for this new transfer and the new goals we have. I love how Heavenly Father always gives us opportunities to learn and grow. Right now is a hard time for me but I know that Heavenly Father is forming me into the person He wants me to be and I love that. I want to be who He wants me to be because He knows me better than I know myself! what a beautiful thing that is. I am striving to pray for that every morning, for me to submit my will to His and try to do everything He asks me to do every single day of my mission. I am His servant- I have to!
I read the story of the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon this week and I am still wondering if I could ever have as much faith as he did.
love you and miss you all and enjoy the Fourth of July! no celebrations for us today because Hispanics dont celebrate it....they hardly even know what it is or what we are celebrating....haha.
con amor,
Hermana Garner

my parents here in the mission. I told them I might get transferred and Hna peralta slapped me and denied it completely.She is convinced that I am finishing my mission here. It will be so hard to leave them when I do!
Anyeli is my favorite little girl here. she loves to hug us and hold our hands
President Allred! love him.
Jorge at the temple! he says he looks like Cristiano Renaldo in this picture...haha.

we went to the most AMAZING Mexican restaurant after the temple and Oscar asked for a bib. he’s my idol.

rainy day

rainy day

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