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9/19/16 - Hermanas en la fe (Brothers and Sisters in Faith)

hollaaaa mis hermanos y hermanas! como estan? como fue su semana?!? (Hello brothers and sisters – how are you? How was your week?)

this week was good but a little rough as well! 

we started out the week going to......KEMAH (Megan’s old area)! my companion needed to go to the chiropractor and it was super close to Kemah! so we went the long way home and drove into my old area. it was so fun to be there again! when we were walking out of the office, a family from the branch was walking out! Heavenly Father loves me!

something funny about my current branch is that they BEG to come out with us. they get mad when they don't get out with the missionaries...the hermanas in Relief Society I guess. so we saw a lot of them this week! we ate dinner with the cute little Hermana Regalado and we ended the lesson with a three part harmony with the hymn we sang! she wants to do a musical number with us soon in sacrament meeting (church service). she is adorable and one of the strongest little grandmas in the church I have seen.

the next day the Relief Society President fed us and she is from Mexico City and her family goes to one of the chapels in my Mexico mission and I have been to it before!! so cool! so we talked and talked and talked about our beloved Mexico City. she showed us her dancing dresses she used when she lived there and promised me that she would take me back with her. her husband was the former branch president and now he is in-active and all of her kids too. it is super sad but she is one of the strongest women! she went out with us yesterday to visit Tomasa and a less-active and it was amazing. she is just such a genuine person who has such a big heart. I love her!

Friday was the Fiesta for las fiestas patrias! the Hispanic Independence Day! I remember a year ago we had to stay indoors in Mexico because it was so crazy outside. We went on top of the roof at midnight and watched the fireworks and yelled "Viva Mexico!" good memories. here, we had a little fiesta in the chapel. we, the missionaries, shared a cool message about how we are all from different countries but the gospel unites us. it was really neat! a ton of our less-actives came!! it was awesome! Tomasa was so close to coming but something came up. one of our less-actives came, Hna. Torres and Hna. Mederos ran up to her, hugged her, ate with her and danced the whole time with her and made her feel so loved. like I said, the people in this little branch have such big hearts.

also, that night, Bruce, Hna. Aguilar's son came home from his mission! he came to the fiesta (right from being released) and everybody just clapped and hugged him. it was super cool. the whole branch knows him super well because the branch isn't big at all so it was really neat. I love being in this branch family!

As for our investigator friends, they are doing okay. Tomasa was suuuper busy this week with work so we only saw her a few times for not too long. We brought Hermana Regalado once again and she just loves Tomasa and Tomasa loves her. It is a really cool relationship! Hna. Regalado calls her at night and they talk for a while, she said. yay for member friends! prayers that she accepts a date to be baptized tonight! we are super excited.

also, Kayla sent us a text on saturday saying she was good to coming to church! but on sunday, she didn't come. so we are going to talk to her tonight about how we can help her and her family come back. we just want them to be an eternal family so bad!

this week was hard for a lot of different reasons and I had an interview with President Hall today about all of it. he is such a great man and always helps and motivates me. He shared this scripture "And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments, he doth bless you and prosper you" later it says "And secondly, he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you..." he read to me one of my all-time favorite scriptures at the time I really needed it. Heavenly Father hardly requires anything of us, only His commandments. yes, they are definitely hard to keep sometimes, but He says if we keep them, he blesses us immediately!!! who wouldn't want those immediate blessings? No matter what happens or trials we face, we need to be obedient to His commandments and we will receive those blessings He already has for us. I love the nature of God and how He has a perfect plan for us. I have talked to Him a lot on my knees this week and it is such a blessing!

this week read: Alma 36 and how beautiful repentance is!

Love you all!!

Hermana Garner

the fiesta!
the fiesta!
Hermana Regalado said to make the biggest smile so here we are.
Hna. Aguilar and her son talking at the party. it is one of my favorite pictures from my mission. Her face was lit up the whole night and still was at church yesterday. can you just imagine how happy she is?
the comp from Idaho in her natural habitat (potatoes and the kitchen)
TACOS AL PASTOR!!! whooooooo!
cutest little Tomasa!
cutest little Hispanic girl. her name is Zarahemla.

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