Thursday, January 5, 2017

9/6/16 - Rain and sunshine

hello friends and family! hope your week was good! mine was definitely better than last week which was good!

we started the week off with visiting Tomasa! We saw her 3 times this week and it was awesome! We found her an awesome member friend, Hermana Regalado and now they are BFFs. It was especially cool because every time we visit Tomasa we ask her to pray and she always says a memorized prayer that she knows. Every single lesson we explain that prayers are from the heart, nothing else. We even had a lesson on just prayer and she still didn't understand. But this week she actually prayed for the first time and it was awesome. We taught her the Book of Mormon and she said she already has read a little bit of it before and she said it was "muy bonito". Wooo! We are trying to get her to teach the Relief Society how to make this certain type of cheese she is super good at making and she is already excited about it. She is moving along and hopefully will commit to a baptism date this week!

I went on exchanges this week with Hermana Callister and it was awesome! She was in my zone in Kemah and we have been on exchanges before and I just love her! she is amazing and now an SSTL! We worked super hard and found and taught this other old lady. She was the sweetest little thing and kissed us both on the cheek when we left. When Hermana Anderson and I went back to teach her the next day she wasn't very interested and gave us an "Everyday Catholic" book. we also met this other old lady, went in and taught her and she told us to come back. We asked her when and she said next year. Soooo....we have a lot of future appointments....kinda.

Yesterday we had an "appointment" with the other sisters and their investigator because there was a Spanish speaker in the house who didn't speak english. So we went and it was such a run-down house, very humble. We walked in and hardly any of these people had teeth. We sat down, all four of us missionaries and started to teach in English and I translated in Spanish for the cutest old lady. After our visit, they were sooo happy that we came and sad to see us go. They hugged us so hard and they loved what we shared. We have an appointment with them on Friday so hopefully they will commit to baptism then! we are excited!

the weather this week has been LOCO. it rains and pours one day and the next day it is blazing hot. The days that it rains, it makes it so much harder. we always plan a time during the day to walk around and talk to people and then it rains and we can't. or we plan to bike and then it rains, so we don't. it is super hard and discouraging but we know that Heavenly Father is testing our faith. After those hard days, He gives us sunny days so we can work our hardest. And those sunny days, there is an amazing sunset at the end of the day and the sky is huge. For me, it is my reward because I looooove sunsets. 

it has been a hard week, but we have worked sooo hard and are just waiting and searching for that person who is prepared for the Gospel in our area, because there are people who are. I can't wait to meet them soon.

read your scriptures and say your prayers!! the simple things help us.

love you all!!!

Hermana Garner

my beautiful area!
my beautiful area!
my area!
us and the other english sisters last night! love them!
the rain!
my study outfit....I'm always cold.
zone conference was amazing and I have the greatest friends in my zone!

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