Thursday, January 5, 2017

8/29/16 - God loves us

hola! como estan?? hope this week was a good one and not so hot...? It rained pretty much all week here. so it cooled off sometimes which was nice! cant wait until the fall!! Wont be Missouri fall, but it will be cooler than right now and that is such a blessing..hahaha.

We started off the week this week doing something really special and humbling! so there are a ton of old ladies in this little branch, so I am in love. We went to Hna. Aguilar to help her with a few things. She is in a wheelchair and can't see. We helped her clean a little. she also has a son on a mission right now in Ecuador! she cant see, so we read his letter to her and helped her respond and write an email back. it was cool to be on the other side of a moms view, getting a missionary's email. this little lady hardly has anything and has such a hard life, but her son is serving a mission. I love it. he comes home in about a month so I will get to meet him! we finished our visit with "Grand Eres Tu" (How Great Thou Art) one of my favorite hymns. I loved every minute!

we have found some people! we have this lady named Tomasa that we are teaching. she is the mom of a member and she is......interesting. She is from El Salvador and loves when we come over. We invited her to be baptized but she doesnt feel ready yet. so we are helpin her! pray for her!

Hna Castro. She is another old lady that I fell in love with this week! She is from Mexico and is a widow. We went over and shared a little scripture with her. After our visit, we were walking out the door and she said "I am been craving enchiladas lately and I don't want to make them just for me! You want to come over tomorrow and have enchiladas with me?" how cute. so we did! during the whole dinner we talked about all of the different mexican foods we both love. she is the best and called me her granddaughter. yes! and we took a picture!

we did service at a retirement home!! whoooo! we played the little keyboard that they had and another day we played bingo. dang I have missed my old people. I just love them!

so we got this referral from the English sisters last week, his name is Jose hes about 45 years old. we went by and met him and he told us to come over the next day so his wife could be there! we went over with our branch mission leader (awesome guy and so good at his calling) and Jose answered the door so we went inside! he lives in a super nice house. we met his wife, super nice and we sat down. we noticed that on the table there were tons of medicines and napkins and glasses of water. after a while of getting to know each other I felt prompted to ask him why he wanted us to come over. he said that he needs to hear about God. And I asked him why? He said that he thinks that God doesn't love him because he is sick and has been sick most of his life. before this lesson in the car we practiced inviting him to be baptized because we thought it would be like any other first lesson. but as soon as he said that he thinks God doesn't love him, I leaned over to Hermana Anderson and said "We are not teaching the Restoration today" it is amazing how the Spirit prompts us and how powerful it can be sometimes. we start talking to him about the nature of God and how we are all His children and how He loves us so individually. Our branch mission leader talked about prayer and asked them if they have ever prayed before and they said no. So we taught them how to do it. My most favorite experiences on my mission are where people are praying for the first time in their life. Jose's wife prayed for us while it was storming outside and the peace we all felt during her prayer was incredible. She actually started crying a little bit. We show so much humility when we pray on our knees.

Yesterday at church, I gave a talk on how the gospel blesses families. I shared that because my family taught me the principles of the gospel when I was a kid, those teachings can help get my through my trials now. I told the story of Mexico and how without the gospel and righteous habits I had, I dont know what I would have done. After Sacrament meeting ended, a lady came up to me and she said "that is exactly what I wanted to hear today" tender mercy! 

this week has been a super hard one. my companion doesnt really talk so its hard for me because I get energy from other people. hopefully we will become better friends soon! Also, just the changing to a new area is still pretty hard. We are still getting into the groove and doing things right. It is the refiner's fire for me right now definitely! But this week I have grown to know Christ a lot more and I love Him a lot more. I am so grateful and humbled to be His representative at this time in my life! 

We have zone conferences this week and I am already preparing and praying to learn more and be inspired by President Hall! He came to our district meeting (because we are so close now) and he sat right next to me. you can imagine how much I learned there!

love you all so much!

Hermana Garner

my beautiful area!
sweet Hermana Castro. when we took the picture, I went down to her height and she tried to go up to mine and we just laughed! haha. she gave me 5 enchiladas because she thought I am super tall!
the most beautiful house covered with ivy!
yep. I’m definitely in texas.
playing the keyboard for the oldies.
the sky is amazing and huge here!
sign in a trailer park "Are you ready? Christ is coming soon!"

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