Thursday, January 5, 2017

7/11/16 - Plan of salvation is real

heeeeeeeeellllllllllloooooooooooo! hope you all had a good week this week! it was a hot one down in houston.

where do I start?? it was such a crazy, busy, sick, exciting, sad, frustrating and amazing week. ya got me?
the thing that impacted me the most was this. we got a referral from the other hermanas in the branch. we went to go contact it and we found out it wasnt in our area but that the woman wanted hermanas, instead of Elders. so we called her, set up an appointment and went in the afternoon. we had no idea what to expect but she sounded pretty interested on the phone. we brought Hna. Gonzalez with us and she did great. so the woman's name is Lily and shes in her 50s. she is from Honduras and here comes the sad part. she has 5 kids and 4 of them have died. her parents and all her siblings have died and her spouse died too. her only son left is in Honduras. she has absolutely no one. it was heartbreaking for us to hear. she was crying throughout the whole lesson, and we were just hugging her holding her hand. it was so humbling for me. I need to stop complaining about the little things during the day that bother me. the most surprising thing she said to us was this "I know that I have to get baptized in your church to be able to see them again and live with them again" whhaaatttt! she promised us that she would study the pamphlet for the next time we see her. she is just the sweetest lady and I already love her tons. the sad part is we dont know if we will be able to teach her because she isnt in our area but we will see. it was an awesome experience though and I will never again take for granted the people I love that are still living on the Earth.
another experience related to that was this! we went to have dinner with la familia Aguirre this week. we were telling them all about Lily and the experience that we had. We finished the conversation about it and it was silent for about 2 minutes. Hermana Aguirre just looks at us and says, "I feel like I need to go with you guys to meet her. I just feel like I could relate to her and I need to be her friend. I think she needs me" how cool is that? that members can relate to the people we are teaching because they have been in that situation. it makes sense-we are all trying to help our friends learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ!
I was sick again this week with my body aches so we had to stay in a day. But Yosdel came to our apartment and brought me food! soup and mangoes! whats better?!? she is the nicest person and she is doing really good. we taught her how to pray this week and how prayer is bien importante. we invited her to pray about everything that we have been teaching because she is reading in the Book of Mormon but she hasnt coming to church yet. so we will see this next week what happens!
Elba, Ruben and Anyeli are all doing awesome. They all accepted to get baptized August 20 as a family! We are SOOO excited. Elba and Ruben didnt come to church yesterday but Anyeli did! hahaha. but they are awesome and we have a ton of faith in them. I love them TONS.
a funny little experience happened this week! this cute little 11-year-old girl has been wanting to come out with us recently and we finally found a day this week when she could! so we set up a time and everything and her mom texts us and asks if her friend can come with us too! (non-member but getting baptized this weekend) and her little 9-year-old sister! so we took out 3 little girls and it was awesome. we went and visited Rosa (old lady) and they each shared something with her. we also went to see Elba so they all could meet Anyeli and be her friend. it was awesome too! we got them little slushies from Sonic after. we laughed the whole time and loved it.
this last Saturday and Sunday we have had a "traveling trainer" with us! Her name is Hermana McMullin and the craziest part is....we were childhood friends in Utah!!!! we didnt know that until just recently. soooo funny. but she is an awesome missionary and has taught us a ton. we committed 2 people to be baptized yesterday right on the street and they totally had a real desire too. she is such an amazing example! I love learning from other people.
and to end the week, our car got towed.............again. so that is what we have been trying to figure out this whole day. whoooooooooooooo. so fun.
I finished the Book of Mormon this week and I started a fresh one the other day. This time around, my goal is to learn more about Christ. His attributes, ways He shows His love, His Atonement, etc. I already love it and I have already grown closer to Him as my Savior. I love Him and He is why I am here as a missionary. I am His representative, what a privilege that is! I love being His missionary.
Hermana Garner

fourth of july consisted of talking to drunk Hispanics cookin their carne asada
definition of today
my little best friend here.
the cute little girls that we took out with us!

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