Friday, January 13, 2017

1/2/17 - New goals

HAPPY 2017!! like everyone says, I can't believe another year has gone by, this year was almost ALL mission for me and I couldn't have loved it more! so many trials but so many blessings. cant wait for this year and the trials and blessings it brings.

this week was good and full of miracles, like always. 

Jose is doing pretty good! As a companionship, we have been trying to do better with our lesson plans, just being more prepared and more specific plans. So in companionship study that day, we made an amazing lesson with what the member was going to say and everything. We got to the lesson and started asking Jose how his prayers have been going and scripture listening too. He said he hadn't done it at all that week. Sad. He said he still hasn't felt the Spirit and isn't sure if it is all right yet. Looking at this whole lesson plan that we just made with the next lesson ready to go, we looked at each other, I took out my Book of Mormon and started reading from 3 Nephi 11 where it talks about how the people couldn't recognize the voice because they weren't looking for it and it pierced them to their soul, it wasn't loud. We talked about the Spirit and how He works. Our member really helped him understand the Spirit's role in conversion. It was great and a huge testimony builder to me that if we come prepared, the Spirit will guide the lesson and the investigator will hear what they need to hear. Yesterday, Jose came to church for all 3 hours again and he said he loved it. It was a different reaction this time. It was so good. We are so excited for him to get baptized in 2 weeks! prayers that everything will stay okay and that he will get an answer to his prayers soon!

On Friday, we went to la familia Esquivel's house to eat dinner. They are the sweetest! After dinner, we shared a message about how we all pass through trials but it is for our benefit and how they are spiritual experiences. After the lesson, we asked her if she knew anyone who was passing through something really difficult and she told us about her sister, which is actually a member in the branch, Hna. Ovalle (we helped her rake her leaves last week) She was super concerned for her. On Sunday, the closing hymn was "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" (Nearer My God to Thee...I think in English) and looking from the piano I saw Hna. Ovalle and her daughter start to cry. I talked to them after the meeting and they said that song reminded them of her husband. it was the saddest thing to see. We are planning on dropping off sunflowers for them this week...please keep them in your prayers! 

this week we went over to the Ortiz family (like always) and we met a lot of their extended family who is completely active. it was fun to meet all of them and they want to take us to Guatemala in 2019...not kidding. They were like "this is real!!! we want to take you guys!!!!" so we are looking forward to that fun adventure. we haven't been able to have a good lesson with Kayla because she has been super busy and sick lately.....its been hard! but we are hoping to get her to the temple at the end of the month! "font to font"

On New Years Eve, we went over to the one and only.....drum roll please......SOLIS family. They asked us what we wanted on Christmas for New Years so they made one of my favorite Mexican foods...a soup called Pozole! It was fun to be over there. We stayed just for dinner and left and went to our apartment because we had to be in early. We talked and talked and went to bed at 9:30! I woke up at midnight only because of the crazy fireworks they shoot off here. yay party!

there are a lot of changes in our mission that just happened this week too! no more member meals, only on the weekends now! members think they do their missionary work when they give food to the missionaries...not how it works! haha also our whole entire schedule is changing, we can basically do whatever we want when we want. we have certain things we need to do in the day, but we can do them whenever. Pres. Hall explained to us that the brethren of the Church have seen how many returned-missionaries lose their good habits they make on their mission because "there isn't enough time". So now we have to choose when we plan, study, eat, go out, stuff like that. The big thing they want us to know is that we are "agents" We have our agency and get to decide what is right and when is right. It is super weird because now we don't come home from the day and plan, we plan in the mornings/1 extra hour of sleep/etc. It came at a good time in my mission! 10 more weeks to form good habits!

I am so excited for this new year! I have so many goals: I want to have better morning prayers, I want to focus on the moment and not worry, I want to be more active and healthy, I want to give more compliments and be more encouraging, I want to take time to relax and I want to be more Christ-like by choosing different attributes of His every week. tell me your goals!

have an amazing week! love you all!

Hermana Garner

cute Hna. Salinas with her grandson-she asked us to sing about 10 hymns for her!
I look completely possessed, but we had to return a lost license to the police department and hna. McAdams wanted a picture...
drove through a pretty park this week! didnt look like Texas, felt like I was home!

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