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7/25/16 - Lice and Egyptians

hey friends and family! this week was an interesting one! and so hot as always!

yep. first time with lice happened this week and is still in the process. it is almost gone thankfully! I'm grateful for a patient companion who searches my head nightly and for a washer and dryer in my apartment to do laundry every five seconds.
this week we were super motivated to work and just be outside all day talking to people.....until I got lice. but we did in the beginning of the week and we met super cool Egyptians because of it! we were driving to a less-active's house and we see hispanic-looking people cleaning up tree branches and leaves in their yard. so we get out and ask them if they need help! at first I started speaking spanish to them but they proceeded to tell us they dont speak spanish. I asked them where they were from and they said Egypt! WHAT. coolest thing ever. I have never met an Egyptian before! it was a middle-aged couple and they were the nicest. they respected us so much and taught us that we all have to love each other, it doesnt matter what our religion is. we set up a time to finish their yard for a later time in the week. we brought elders to help and it was great! we finished with a KFC dinner that they bought us and the lady gave us Muslim head scarfs! it was awesome. we are seeing them again this week! hopefully I can get a picture with them!
Jose is doing awesome!!!! He is progressing more than we ever thought he would! when we teach the restoration at the end of the lesson we say "to know all of this is true, God gave us evidence, something that we can read and hold in our hands and we will give it to you next time!" so they stay tuned...haha. so we show up at the next lesson and we asked him "Do you remember what we talked about last time? We have a gift for you!" and he said "IS IT THE BOOK OF MORMON?" so excited! he wanted it so bad. we taught a little bit about it and had him read the Introduction before we came the next time. we went back and he read the whole thing and more and had awesome questions. he still feels good about his baptism too! we are having a family night with him tonight and another family in the branch. it should be good! he is a real truth-seeker!
Anyeli, Ruben and Elba are doing okay! Ruben is doing awesome! Him and Anyeli FINALLY came to church!!!! yay! and they loved it, like always. Elba is not doing so well, we dont know if we will keep teaching her or not. but Anyeli has been asking questions about her baptism, about sins and about God. she is just the sweetest little thing and I cant wait to see her baptized. Ruben is also doing awesome, we taught him repentance last night and he really loved it. He said that repentance is super hard for him (like all of us) but he knows he has to. He also wants us to make lasagna for him because we are americans and he loves it. hahahaha.
kind of a scary experience this week happened! we were walking around this neighborhood trying a bunch of people and we walked by this house and saw a lady sitting outside under a tree with a huge liquor bottle. we just decided to wave, say hi and keep walking. she started asking us questions about missionaries and stuff and she was DRUNK. not there at all. she asked me what we do and if we walk around here and I said "It depends! sometimes we walk around, sometimes we help people, sometimes we have appointments! It depends!" and she twisted it and said "Oh! So it depends on if I'm drinking or not if you can help me?!?!?!?" and started yelling and coming closer to me. I thought she was going to slap me. hahahaha we power walked away while she was still yelling at us. the 2 hard things were that our car was parked by her house so we had to walk all around the neighborhood to get into our car again AND we had a 15 year old member with us and she was scared out of her pants.
something that I forgot to mention last week was at the baptism of the elders investigator, Hna. Hughes and I taught the Restoration to everyone that was there while she was getting changed. The power of the First Vision is something incredible. There were tons of kids at this baptism. Super loud, running around, ya know. But when I started to say the words of Joseph Smith, everyone stopped and was staring at the picture I was holding. It was an amazing experience. Every time we teach the First Vision, I get chills. We get to watch it tonight with Jose and I cant wait for him to feel the Spirit. It is real!
This week I have been sharing a scripture in 1 Nephi 21. He says something along the lines of how the Savior will never forget us because He has us graven on His hands. He chose to have the marks on his hands from when He was crucified to remember us. He loves us and wants to remember us and He does. He answers every single one of our prayers and He walks with us. I feel that everyday here on my mission and I couldnt be more grateful for it. I love this work!
Hermana Garner

lice 1.
lice 2. (treatment – tons of conditioner and a shower cap for an hour!)
cutest little puppy at Jose's apt. complex!
Ruben and anyeli!!

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